Wednesday, January 21, 2009

BC - Wed, 1/21/09

Kendall is on immuno-suppressive drugs. I'm guessing Prednisone or a similar steroid is included in the mix. So, will Kendall gain weight and get a puffy face? BWAAHAHAHHAHAHAHAA! Sometimes I crack myself up

Is it cold in the studio? For once the women, (and men) except for Bianca and Reese, are wearing coats, and they're INSIDE the hospital. Where are the usual spaghetti straps? Erica's even rubbing her arms through the sleeves, although that can be attributed to feeling desolate over the situation.

Amanda comes right out and tells Jake that she's getting an abortion. Wow, times HAVE changed! She didn't say she was not going through with the pregnancy or that she's going to have a procedure or that she's going to terminate the pregnancy -- she actually used the word ABORTION!

Erica's son was shot, declared braindead, and his heart was transplanted into her daughter. Is this REALLY the best time for Jackson to insist that they "define" their relationship?

And why is Ryan pushing Bianca to get married on Valentine's Day, even though she wants to postpone it? Her brother just died and her sister is in the recovery room after a heart transplant. Is this REALLY the best time to force her to deal with her ambivalence about marrying Reese? I think it's perfectly reasonable for her to postpone the wedding for a while, given ALL the circumstances. Why doesn't he just STFU? He and Greenlee can go ahead and have their ridiculous, nauseating wedding and have their wedding and anniversary all to themselves (because no one else ever thinks of getting married on Valentine's Day). What an ASS!

Am I the only one surprised that Reese didn't topple over when Zach handed Spike over to her, given that she already had Ian on the other arm?

JAR stumbles off the dock and into the frigid water. Amanda, unable to summon help quickly, takes off her coat and jumps in to save him. I'm predicting that she will get hypothermia and be in danger of losing the baby, which will prompt her to decide that she DOES want the baby after all. Maybe THIS was what the coat thing was about -- they needed to stress how cold it is.

Robin "otherwise, why would it ever occur to anyone that a body of water in Pennsylvania in January might be a tad on the chilly side?" Coutellier

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