Friday, January 16, 2009

BC - Thu, 1/15/09

OMG! Krystal actually took some pills WITHOUT milk!

Dr. Sinclair (her name is finally in the IMDB so I know what it is) is a LOUSY shrink! Ugh! She's bitchy and touchy in a hands-on kind of way and leading, jumping to answer her own questions FOR the patient. The foundation of a patient/therapist relationship is trust from the patient and listening from the shrink. A rapport has to be established so that the patient will open up. I wouldn't tell Dr. Sinclair ANYTHING. She seems downright hostile.

Annie FINALLY mentions Emma. I thought it was quite odd that her memory returned, but she didn't appear to have the slightest thought for her daughter -- only about Greenlee and Ryan. It made me think if Casey Anthony who constantly seems surprised and annoyed that everyone else is focusing on her missing (and then found-dead) daughter instead of HER.

And now the shrink says Greenlee needs to see Annie. Oh yeah, THAT'LL help everyone. Again: WORST. SHRINK. EVER.

It was pretty hard to take ADAM on the stand testifying against Krystal, but I about CHOKED when he said he strongly believes a child belongs with its MOTHER! This from a man who has tried over and over and over again to take his children from their mothers. It's pretty tough to take ANYONE in that courtroom seriously or feel sympathy for ANY of them.

Why is Jake still being such a bastard to Amanda? It makes NO SENSE! He's acting like SHE did HIM wrong when HE'S the one who broke off with her to chase after Taylor. I don't buy the "nasty drunk" excuse, either. Being drunk doesn't tend to TURN people mean -- it just allows people to say what they REALLY think without the usual inhibitions. That is SO out of character for him to be nasty to her like that! I understand his anger toward David and toward his ex-wife who ran off with a trucker, but what did Amanda do to him other than give him GREAT sex? Yeah, she's too free and easy with sex for her own good, but so is HE!

Oh, it's about TIME someone said something about Krystal taking drugs!

Krystal testifies that Babe was an "angel on earth". OH BARF!

Speaking of barfing, Amanda suddenly has to make a run for the ladies room to puke, and we all know what THAT means. She's probably pregnant and she won't know if the father is David or JAR (or even JAKE, for that matter), and neither one of them is a prize, although it WOULD make for some nifty child-support ... until one or all of them tries to take the baby away from her and/or one of the four of them kidnaps the poor little thing.

Robin "it IS the law, after all" Coutellier

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