Monday, June 28, 2010

BC - Mon, 6/28/10

David and Greenlee certainly are talking freely and quite incriminatingly (is that a word? Probably not) in the "privacy" of their living room. I guess it doesn't occur to them that it's possible their place might be bugged, given the investigation of Fusion. They did bring all of US up to date on some of their recent crimes, though.

Of course, at the end of the episode we discover that David paid an official to go lightly on him re the embezzling set-up.

Robin "that marriage is reptilian" Coutellier

BC - Fri, 6/25/10

Oh PUH-LEEZE! If Angie thinks her "patient's life might depend on it" regarding the use of a specialized microscope to determine the cause of her maladies, why doesn't she just go where she CAN use one? Not only does she not have to obtain it at PVH, but I'm sure she has sources she can go to for favors. She was a well-known doctor in her own right long before she returned to PV and had never even MET David Hayward. I call BULLSHIT on her dilemma of getting access to the right kind of microscope.

I DO think Angie has to tread lightly to keep David from getting rid of her because of whatever is ailing her. OTOH, if this is affecting her perception of things, she should NOT be treating patients or making decisions that affect their care if she's not up to the task.

I also think that her exposure to the kid with the mysterious condition has something to do with her current symptoms. They telegraphed that loud and clear over the mask, and the subsequent blood on her cheek.

So Natalia made Detective? Again, BULLSHIT! She's only one year out of the academy, if THAT.

WTF? Angie is only just NOW connecting the dots re the kid in the ER, no mask and her current condition? David has brought it up times since then. How are we supposed to believe she's such a great diagnostician/infectious disease specialist when she can't put two and two together?

Robin "it makes you wonder what your OWN doctors are like when they are out of your sight" Coutellier

Sunday, June 27, 2010

BC - Wed-Thu, 6/23-24/10

Why does Tad keep bringing Liza back to his house to make out/have sex when she has a perfectly good PRIVATE condo that they could go to? Yeah, I know, so they can run into Damon or Krystal or even Opal, but the concept is STOOPID.

Why do Erica and Bianca just go around announcing to Greenlee and David aren't going to get away with what they did and even what Bianca and/or Erica is going to do about it? Why not just DO it. Sic the law on them, hold your own press conference, whatever. Don't waste energy taunting Greenlee and David about it.

If the SEC is ransacking the Fusion offices, why are Ryan and Madison able to just walk on in? Shouldn't they have a guard posted to keep people out? For that matter, shouldn't they have someone keeping an eye on Greenlee and Erica?

Erica is slightly mushy thinking about Caleb and how he saved her life ... more than once. Yeah, he also ENDANGERED your life by refusing to get you medical help when you had a life-threatening infection.

Robin "oh, but what a big strong he-man -- BAH!" Coutellier

BC - Mon-Tue, 6/21-22/10

Why is the wood-chopping block so close to Caleb's cabin? Is the outhouse located just outside the camera view?

Did you notice that Erica's heartbeat didn't change one iota when Jack asked her to marry him again?

Don't the terms of the contract between Greenlee and Erica (re the contest) spell out the rules, including SPECIFIC dates or events? Greenlee can't just choose an arbitrary date to declare herself the winner when things look bad for Erica when Erica hasn't launched her OWN product. Is Greenlee's product ready to SELL, and SHIP right NOW, for that matter?

Greenlee informs Bianca that she and her husband own PVH and she can go wherever she wants. BZZZTT!!! Wrong, Greenlee! You have NO rights when it comes to doing whatever you want and barging in on any patients in the hospital against the wishes of their families just because you are the majority stockholder. I could stay at the Paris Hilton hotel, but that wouldn't give Paris or Nicky Hilton the right to enter my room any time they wished. Greenlee's not even a DOCTOR, so she has no rights whatsoever other than as it relates business activities.

JAR says his family is EVERYTHING to him -- as he gets up and tries to, um, deflate after rolling around on the ground in the middle of the park with Annie. Neither of them can believe they are getting so carried away with lust. Neither can I. They are DISGUSTING, amoral and idiotic. I don't believe for a SECOND that JAR ever can or ever COULD run a multi-national corporation when he hasn't got the self-control of a FLEA and makes one stupid decision after another. Say what you will about Bill Clinton and his sexual escapade, but at least he was able to multi-task.

If JAR realized that he needs to be there for his family BEFORE he went to the park, then why was he rutting on the ground at the park with Annie? That was one short-lived realization.

Bianca was like a daughter to David at one time. HE was the only one she trusted when she found out she was pregnant after being raped. She insisted that HE be her doctor and he was very protective of her. So why would he DRUG her now? Lovers come and go, but you don't do that to children to whom you've been a father figure. He is DESPICABLE!

Robin "would he do the same to Marissa?" Coutellier

Monday, June 21, 2010

BC - Fri, 6/18/10

What's with Colby and her sudden infatuation with getting married? She can't be THAT oblivious to the fact that Damon isn't interested in that right now and it makes him SUPER uncomfortable. Then she reassures him that that is far down the road. Then she tells him she loves him. Liza's right, Colby's heart IS going to be broken. Par for the course, but it WILL happen.

Natalia passed her detective's exam. OH PUH-LEASE!!! Has she even been a cop for a YEAR? Don't you have to a) have experience, and b) move up in the ranks?

Debbi Morgan (aka Angie) looks FABULOUS for her age, but she's 54 and Darnell Williams is 55, so I had to laugh when she said she and Jesse were in their 40s.

After stabbing Liza with it during her allergic reaction to lobster, Damon informs her that he always carries an epi-pen with him due to a severe peanut allergy. I had to wonder, then, if women say to him: "Is than an epi-pen in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?"

Robin "doesn't Jake EVER take off that stupid necklace?" Coutellier

BC - Wed-Thu, 6/16-17/10

People in and from Pine Valley are SO RUDE! Jack and Krystal just make themselves at home in a cabin that they KNOW someone has been occupying. Now they're helping themselves to the resident's moonshine.

Damn, that is a REALLY high (cgi) fire Caleb built!

Krystal is complaining to Jack about still being single. Uh, she was married to Adam, Tad and then David, one after the other. She should be thanking her lucky STARS she's "still single"!

So now Krystal and Caleb seem to have developed an attraction. Erica assures Krystal that he's not so bad. Uh, yeah, Erica, he IS. He may have saved you over and over again, but he refused to get you any kind of medical treatment or help you back to civilization.

Robin "he's not so GOOD, either" Coutellier

Friday, June 18, 2010

BC - Mon-Tue, 6/14-15/10

Tad tells Damon the girls are at Opal's tonight. Uh, Opal LIVES there in Tad's house and I'm pretty sure she was living there earlier in the evening. Did she finally get some money via Palmer's death?

Annie tells the woman at the Yacht Club that "helping others has been my LIFE!" BWAHAHAHAAA!! Only if by "others" she means all her other personalities.

Did you notice that someone left one of the lockers at the Fusion office hanging open?

Why does Erica keep SMILING when she's supposed to be making a frightened/horrified face? She did it before when the bear rug was in her face and now she's doing it while yelling (and not very convincingly for someone who may lose her life to a crazy mountain man at any second) and trying to fight off Caleb, who is trying to tie her feet. Okay, it turned out to be her infected FOOT (that he refuses to help her with as far as taking her to a hospital or doctor), but since he's such an asshole, he doesn't actually TELL her that, he just grabs her, ignores her "terror" and starts tying up her foot.

Who is WRITING this dreck? Obviously we're supposed to root for Caleb really being just a misunderstood and very hurt man (he's probably rich, too), but all I see is a total asshole with no redeeming qualities other than that he miraculously manages to keep himself immaculately clean for someone who lives wherever he puts his head down for the night.

Why is Greenlee looking for PR advice from Madison and (sort of) Randi? Doesn't Fusion have a PR department? Nope, she's looking for advice from a woman recovering from being physically and emotionally abused who can't even keep a roof over her head with 2 jobs (and yet manages to wear a different outfit every day of the week and then some) and an ex-hooker who only recently got her GED. She might as well be getting some advice from strangers via Twitter.

I swear to God this Annie/JAR situation is going to make me puke any time now. It's like nails on a chalkboard!

Greenlee tells Madison (after firing her for daring to say they should look for Erica) to hand over the keys to the office. That's a laugh -- since when has Fusion had KEYS? ANYONE can just walk on in at any time of the day or night. The only locked place that I can recall is Erica's office.

Jack and Krystal keep talking about some horrible storms that went through the area of WV where they are. Is it just because this has gone on interminably that I don't recall Erica or Caleb ever mentioning a storm, nor did the show portray anything remotely resembling one? Maybe they did. More likely they are belatedly channeling real life into the storyline.

Did Erica fall into a sinkhole? It wouldn't be the first time and it certainly fits the storyline. Maybe she'll get better cellphone reception in it.

Robin "will she run into ROUS's & tell them not to eat her?" Coutellier

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

BC - Fri, 6/11/10

I didn't realize until just now that we haven't seen Natalia for a while. Where has SHE been? Not that I missed her.

Liza tells Damon that he's turned her into her mother. Uh, no, SHE turned HERSELF into her mother. WTF? She tries to seduce him for Colby to find them, yet she has never, EVER forgotten the hurt that she felt when she found out about her mother having sex with Tad. At least Marian did it out of lust.

I thought Angie said she and Jesse agreed to turn off their cellphones. Jesse got a call (or at least a text), though, and he left.

Robin "why is Angie on duty after she's been drinking?" Coutellier

Monday, June 14, 2010

BC - Thu-Wed, 6/9-10/10

I liked Frankie's little quip when looking for the ring. He said he knew a friend with a metal detector. Randi looked really surprised and said: "You DO??" Frankie: "Don't ask." I gather the implication was that his friend has employed his metal detector to find metal objects embedded within people at the hospital. It was cute [IMG][/IMG]

Okay, Madison was dismayed that she wore shoes from two different pairs and there wasn't enough time to stop and change them without being late to the wedding. A little while later she and Ryan show up at the Yacht Club. Jake, in the meantime, is still at home with baby Trevor. Neither one of them is dressed in anything suitable for a wedding and Jake has dirty hair and hasn't shaved for what looks like several days. And he's sitting down making wedding day video memories. Hello? Time warp, anyone? Madison could probably have gone comparison shopping for shoes in the amount of time it will take Jake to get ready, get the baby ready and get to the wedding.

Speaking of Madison and shoes, she and Ryan were at the casino/hotel. You KNOW Ryan could have snapped his fingers and had someone bring her another pair in nothing flat. Worst case, he'd have someone bring some to the wedding.

I see Jake had no plans to shave before the wedding. He appears to have washed and partially combed his hair, at least.

Ugh! I DETEST it when ABC/Disney does such BLATANT product placement. Having that guy sing and make such a big deal about HIM makes me wonder if the entire wedding storyline was merely a method to incorporate HIM into the storyline to sell recordings to make money for ABC/Disney. I didn't even get his name (on purpose).

Robin "don't know, don't care" Coutellier

BC - Tue, 6/8/10

Ruth gushes that her "baby" is getting married. Oh please, how many wives does this make for Jake? Let's see, there was Emily Ann, Gillian, Carolyn (I think), and Amanda. There may be one or more I'm missing.

Then Ruth laments that she and Joe go to Florida for a few months and suddenly everybody's love-life is upside down. This is a surprise to her because ...? How is that different from every other day in Pine Valley?

The pastor with the food fixation was kind of funny, adding a little bit of style to what would normally be an ignorable role.

WTF? Why would Ryan and Greenlee be paired up in the wedding party, all things considered? As if Tad and Liza couldn't be paired with them, respectively, instead. How very contrived. I'm glad Greenlee pointed that out afterward.

Wait a second. Isn't part of Liza's condo leftover from Natalie's apartment set? I remember Silver Kane coming in those windows and going after Natalie with scissors. Natalie won and Silver ended up in Timmy's toy drawer that rolled under/within the sofa.

Liza is going to seduce Damon herself in an effort to get Colby to break him up with him. Gee, didn't see THAT coming.

Why doesn't Opal feel a sense of doom or at least isolation about Erica? Why didn't she feel that at LEAST when Erica's plane went down? Her psychic powers sure do blow hot and cold. She didn't notice when Palmer died, either.

Robin "maybe hot flashes are interfering with Opal's reception" Coutellier

BC - Mon, 6/7/10

Damn! I thought I had posted this last Friday, but I guess I got sidetracked.

Annie assures Scott that Palmer is gone, so he has nothing to be ashamed of as far as STEALING the invention. The f**k he DOESN'T! He's stealing from Palmer's heirs! Yes, Scott was also in on it, but he should be SHARING whatever profits come out of it.

Did you catch Annie referring to the "gossip mongrels" at the Yacht Club? Uh, that's "gossip MONGERS", Annie.

I'm only now doing a BC for Monday of last week, so stuff has probably already happened, but I'll comment anyway. Let's see, Annie rushes out, Scott leaves, having scribbled a room number at the YC. AJ wants to go out and play on Emma's new swing set and JAR tells him to go ahead. JAR sees Annie run out (she IS planning to get a room for her and Scott, but Scott is meeting someone else there first). JAR sees what Scott wrote down and hightails it out of there, too. I notice he didn't bother to tell anyone that is now completely unattended. On the new swingset. What could POSSIBLY go wrong?

Why hasn't Ruth ever given Grandma Kate's bracelet to any of Tad's many wives or any of Joey/Jake's previous wives or Tara or one of Jeff's wives?

JAR is SO pathetic chasing after Annie. He's such a jerk. Ugh! There is nothing likable about him OR Annie together, and this constant pushmepullyou between them is extremely annoying. Their behavior is not even remotely believable. "I HATE YOU -- DO ME!" Oh knock it off!

Robin "Annie will glom her lips onto anything male with the last name of Chandler -- just watch -- she'll go after AJ when he's old enough" Coutellier

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

BC - Thu-Fri, 6/3-4/10

Ya gotta love the teensy-weensy park in PV. There's NO other place on the grass to put down a blanket for a picnic except one foot off of the walkway and one foot from the end of the grass on the right, which Annie deems to be a PERFECT spot. There are acres of land on the Chandler estate -- you'd think they could find a nicer, more private spot there. The average backyard has way more grass.

I think it's DISGUSTING that Erica's leg is infected to the point where she passes out from the fever, yet Caleb STILL doesn't do anything about getting her to civilization where she can at least get proper medical attention. Asshole.

LOVE that Caleb referred to Jack as Erica's lapdog, since that's how Jack has been referred to here on RATSA for YEARS.

If Madison has no place to stay, where is she keeping her clothes?

WTF is JAR doing? If he wants to get control of Chandler again, why sabotage it by airing dirty laundry in the press?

I'm reasonably sure that even a hacker would not be able to create a paper trail that successfully implicates Erica in embezzling. What about banks? They have their OWN off-site backup systems. A computer forensics expert would easily be able to disprove the case.

Also, why is David crying at the thought that his actions might have resulted in Erica's death? Neither he nor Greenlee gave a flying f**k that his actions would result in Erica going to prison, that safest of safe places.

Manhandling Alert: Greenlee flounces out of the room at Fusion to get away from Ryan questioning her and he grabs her arm to stop her. I'm glad he didn't YANK her around like they used to do, but it's STILL manhandling and I do NOT like it.

Oh yeah, RIGHT:
  • Everyone at the yacht club, including the waiters, have read the financial blog about Annie that was posted a couple of minutes before
  • Annie's homicidal and devious past (and possibly present and future) is BIG news to everyone in Pine Valley. They are shocked -- SHOCKED, I TELL YA!
Robin "if my eyes roll any harder, they'll have to be reattached" Coutellier

Thursday, June 3, 2010

BC - Tue, 6/1/10

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AMC - Boogie Chillen, Tuesday - 6-1-10

All things considered, that's an extremely neat, clean and dust-free cabin Erica and Caleb are sleeping in. Even the blanket Erica is using looks fresh out of the package. The couch is a deep, vibrant brown and looks like it might have a velvet-like texture to it. It looks like it's fresh from the factory. There are some artfully strewn leaves and twigs, but there's no accompanying dirt, although Erica's outfit is smudged all over. It looks more like she was working on a car though.

Wait a second. What was the timeline with the kid in the ER? The last time I saw the show (last week), Angie was intubating him while the other two people in the room stood like statues. She was screaming for a mask and gown. The next episode (Tuesday) starts with her standing in the hall talking to Jesse, quite calm and joking about how she must be out of her mind to invite David and Greenlee out to dinner. Then, about 12 minutes into the show, she's in the room staring at the kid again and saying he's breathing better as someone squeezes an air bag and she briefly gives non-information to the guy she paged. Then she goes into the hall again and Jesse compliments her on saving the kid's life. The crisis seemed long over, yet why would someone still be squeezing an air bag for the boy instead of him being on a ventilator? For that matter, if the crisis part was over, why was she just holding a mask to her face, belatedly, instead of having it tied on before entering the room, never mind putting a gown on first. Then Jesse points out that she has something on her face (blood). The blood was NOT on her face at the beginning of the show. Continuity, folks, continuity!

Robin "unmasked" Coutellier