Sunday, June 27, 2010

BC - Mon-Tue, 6/21-22/10

Why is the wood-chopping block so close to Caleb's cabin? Is the outhouse located just outside the camera view?

Did you notice that Erica's heartbeat didn't change one iota when Jack asked her to marry him again?

Don't the terms of the contract between Greenlee and Erica (re the contest) spell out the rules, including SPECIFIC dates or events? Greenlee can't just choose an arbitrary date to declare herself the winner when things look bad for Erica when Erica hasn't launched her OWN product. Is Greenlee's product ready to SELL, and SHIP right NOW, for that matter?

Greenlee informs Bianca that she and her husband own PVH and she can go wherever she wants. BZZZTT!!! Wrong, Greenlee! You have NO rights when it comes to doing whatever you want and barging in on any patients in the hospital against the wishes of their families just because you are the majority stockholder. I could stay at the Paris Hilton hotel, but that wouldn't give Paris or Nicky Hilton the right to enter my room any time they wished. Greenlee's not even a DOCTOR, so she has no rights whatsoever other than as it relates business activities.

JAR says his family is EVERYTHING to him -- as he gets up and tries to, um, deflate after rolling around on the ground in the middle of the park with Annie. Neither of them can believe they are getting so carried away with lust. Neither can I. They are DISGUSTING, amoral and idiotic. I don't believe for a SECOND that JAR ever can or ever COULD run a multi-national corporation when he hasn't got the self-control of a FLEA and makes one stupid decision after another. Say what you will about Bill Clinton and his sexual escapade, but at least he was able to multi-task.

If JAR realized that he needs to be there for his family BEFORE he went to the park, then why was he rutting on the ground at the park with Annie? That was one short-lived realization.

Bianca was like a daughter to David at one time. HE was the only one she trusted when she found out she was pregnant after being raped. She insisted that HE be her doctor and he was very protective of her. So why would he DRUG her now? Lovers come and go, but you don't do that to children to whom you've been a father figure. He is DESPICABLE!

Robin "would he do the same to Marissa?" Coutellier

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