Monday, June 14, 2010

BC - Mon, 6/7/10

Damn! I thought I had posted this last Friday, but I guess I got sidetracked.

Annie assures Scott that Palmer is gone, so he has nothing to be ashamed of as far as STEALING the invention. The f**k he DOESN'T! He's stealing from Palmer's heirs! Yes, Scott was also in on it, but he should be SHARING whatever profits come out of it.

Did you catch Annie referring to the "gossip mongrels" at the Yacht Club? Uh, that's "gossip MONGERS", Annie.

I'm only now doing a BC for Monday of last week, so stuff has probably already happened, but I'll comment anyway. Let's see, Annie rushes out, Scott leaves, having scribbled a room number at the YC. AJ wants to go out and play on Emma's new swing set and JAR tells him to go ahead. JAR sees Annie run out (she IS planning to get a room for her and Scott, but Scott is meeting someone else there first). JAR sees what Scott wrote down and hightails it out of there, too. I notice he didn't bother to tell anyone that is now completely unattended. On the new swingset. What could POSSIBLY go wrong?

Why hasn't Ruth ever given Grandma Kate's bracelet to any of Tad's many wives or any of Joey/Jake's previous wives or Tara or one of Jeff's wives?

JAR is SO pathetic chasing after Annie. He's such a jerk. Ugh! There is nothing likable about him OR Annie together, and this constant pushmepullyou between them is extremely annoying. Their behavior is not even remotely believable. "I HATE YOU -- DO ME!" Oh knock it off!

Robin "Annie will glom her lips onto anything male with the last name of Chandler -- just watch -- she'll go after AJ when he's old enough" Coutellier

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