Thursday, June 3, 2010

BC - Tue, 6/1/10

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AMC - Boogie Chillen, Tuesday - 6-1-10

All things considered, that's an extremely neat, clean and dust-free cabin Erica and Caleb are sleeping in. Even the blanket Erica is using looks fresh out of the package. The couch is a deep, vibrant brown and looks like it might have a velvet-like texture to it. It looks like it's fresh from the factory. There are some artfully strewn leaves and twigs, but there's no accompanying dirt, although Erica's outfit is smudged all over. It looks more like she was working on a car though.

Wait a second. What was the timeline with the kid in the ER? The last time I saw the show (last week), Angie was intubating him while the other two people in the room stood like statues. She was screaming for a mask and gown. The next episode (Tuesday) starts with her standing in the hall talking to Jesse, quite calm and joking about how she must be out of her mind to invite David and Greenlee out to dinner. Then, about 12 minutes into the show, she's in the room staring at the kid again and saying he's breathing better as someone squeezes an air bag and she briefly gives non-information to the guy she paged. Then she goes into the hall again and Jesse compliments her on saving the kid's life. The crisis seemed long over, yet why would someone still be squeezing an air bag for the boy instead of him being on a ventilator? For that matter, if the crisis part was over, why was she just holding a mask to her face, belatedly, instead of having it tied on before entering the room, never mind putting a gown on first. Then Jesse points out that she has something on her face (blood). The blood was NOT on her face at the beginning of the show. Continuity, folks, continuity!

Robin "unmasked" Coutellier

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