Tuesday, June 8, 2010

BC - Thu-Fri, 6/3-4/10

Ya gotta love the teensy-weensy park in PV. There's NO other place on the grass to put down a blanket for a picnic except one foot off of the walkway and one foot from the end of the grass on the right, which Annie deems to be a PERFECT spot. There are acres of land on the Chandler estate -- you'd think they could find a nicer, more private spot there. The average backyard has way more grass.

I think it's DISGUSTING that Erica's leg is infected to the point where she passes out from the fever, yet Caleb STILL doesn't do anything about getting her to civilization where she can at least get proper medical attention. Asshole.

LOVE that Caleb referred to Jack as Erica's lapdog, since that's how Jack has been referred to here on RATSA for YEARS.

If Madison has no place to stay, where is she keeping her clothes?

WTF is JAR doing? If he wants to get control of Chandler again, why sabotage it by airing dirty laundry in the press?

I'm reasonably sure that even a hacker would not be able to create a paper trail that successfully implicates Erica in embezzling. What about banks? They have their OWN off-site backup systems. A computer forensics expert would easily be able to disprove the case.

Also, why is David crying at the thought that his actions might have resulted in Erica's death? Neither he nor Greenlee gave a flying f**k that his actions would result in Erica going to prison, that safest of safe places.

Manhandling Alert: Greenlee flounces out of the room at Fusion to get away from Ryan questioning her and he grabs her arm to stop her. I'm glad he didn't YANK her around like they used to do, but it's STILL manhandling and I do NOT like it.

Oh yeah, RIGHT:
  • Everyone at the yacht club, including the waiters, have read the financial blog about Annie that was posted a couple of minutes before
  • Annie's homicidal and devious past (and possibly present and future) is BIG news to everyone in Pine Valley. They are shocked -- SHOCKED, I TELL YA!
Robin "if my eyes roll any harder, they'll have to be reattached" Coutellier

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