Monday, June 14, 2010

BC - Tue, 6/8/10

Ruth gushes that her "baby" is getting married. Oh please, how many wives does this make for Jake? Let's see, there was Emily Ann, Gillian, Carolyn (I think), and Amanda. There may be one or more I'm missing.

Then Ruth laments that she and Joe go to Florida for a few months and suddenly everybody's love-life is upside down. This is a surprise to her because ...? How is that different from every other day in Pine Valley?

The pastor with the food fixation was kind of funny, adding a little bit of style to what would normally be an ignorable role.

WTF? Why would Ryan and Greenlee be paired up in the wedding party, all things considered? As if Tad and Liza couldn't be paired with them, respectively, instead. How very contrived. I'm glad Greenlee pointed that out afterward.

Wait a second. Isn't part of Liza's condo leftover from Natalie's apartment set? I remember Silver Kane coming in those windows and going after Natalie with scissors. Natalie won and Silver ended up in Timmy's toy drawer that rolled under/within the sofa.

Liza is going to seduce Damon herself in an effort to get Colby to break him up with him. Gee, didn't see THAT coming.

Why doesn't Opal feel a sense of doom or at least isolation about Erica? Why didn't she feel that at LEAST when Erica's plane went down? Her psychic powers sure do blow hot and cold. She didn't notice when Palmer died, either.

Robin "maybe hot flashes are interfering with Opal's reception" Coutellier

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