Monday, June 14, 2010

BC - Thu-Wed, 6/9-10/10

I liked Frankie's little quip when looking for the ring. He said he knew a friend with a metal detector. Randi looked really surprised and said: "You DO??" Frankie: "Don't ask." I gather the implication was that his friend has employed his metal detector to find metal objects embedded within people at the hospital. It was cute [IMG][/IMG]

Okay, Madison was dismayed that she wore shoes from two different pairs and there wasn't enough time to stop and change them without being late to the wedding. A little while later she and Ryan show up at the Yacht Club. Jake, in the meantime, is still at home with baby Trevor. Neither one of them is dressed in anything suitable for a wedding and Jake has dirty hair and hasn't shaved for what looks like several days. And he's sitting down making wedding day video memories. Hello? Time warp, anyone? Madison could probably have gone comparison shopping for shoes in the amount of time it will take Jake to get ready, get the baby ready and get to the wedding.

Speaking of Madison and shoes, she and Ryan were at the casino/hotel. You KNOW Ryan could have snapped his fingers and had someone bring her another pair in nothing flat. Worst case, he'd have someone bring some to the wedding.

I see Jake had no plans to shave before the wedding. He appears to have washed and partially combed his hair, at least.

Ugh! I DETEST it when ABC/Disney does such BLATANT product placement. Having that guy sing and make such a big deal about HIM makes me wonder if the entire wedding storyline was merely a method to incorporate HIM into the storyline to sell recordings to make money for ABC/Disney. I didn't even get his name (on purpose).

Robin "don't know, don't care" Coutellier

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