Wednesday, June 16, 2010

BC - Fri, 6/11/10

I didn't realize until just now that we haven't seen Natalia for a while. Where has SHE been? Not that I missed her.

Liza tells Damon that he's turned her into her mother. Uh, no, SHE turned HERSELF into her mother. WTF? She tries to seduce him for Colby to find them, yet she has never, EVER forgotten the hurt that she felt when she found out about her mother having sex with Tad. At least Marian did it out of lust.

I thought Angie said she and Jesse agreed to turn off their cellphones. Jesse got a call (or at least a text), though, and he left.

Robin "why is Angie on duty after she's been drinking?" Coutellier

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