Monday, June 28, 2010

BC - Fri, 6/25/10

Oh PUH-LEEZE! If Angie thinks her "patient's life might depend on it" regarding the use of a specialized microscope to determine the cause of her maladies, why doesn't she just go where she CAN use one? Not only does she not have to obtain it at PVH, but I'm sure she has sources she can go to for favors. She was a well-known doctor in her own right long before she returned to PV and had never even MET David Hayward. I call BULLSHIT on her dilemma of getting access to the right kind of microscope.

I DO think Angie has to tread lightly to keep David from getting rid of her because of whatever is ailing her. OTOH, if this is affecting her perception of things, she should NOT be treating patients or making decisions that affect their care if she's not up to the task.

I also think that her exposure to the kid with the mysterious condition has something to do with her current symptoms. They telegraphed that loud and clear over the mask, and the subsequent blood on her cheek.

So Natalia made Detective? Again, BULLSHIT! She's only one year out of the academy, if THAT.

WTF? Angie is only just NOW connecting the dots re the kid in the ER, no mask and her current condition? David has brought it up times since then. How are we supposed to believe she's such a great diagnostician/infectious disease specialist when she can't put two and two together?

Robin "it makes you wonder what your OWN doctors are like when they are out of your sight" Coutellier

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