Friday, June 18, 2010

BC - Mon-Tue, 6/14-15/10

Tad tells Damon the girls are at Opal's tonight. Uh, Opal LIVES there in Tad's house and I'm pretty sure she was living there earlier in the evening. Did she finally get some money via Palmer's death?

Annie tells the woman at the Yacht Club that "helping others has been my LIFE!" BWAHAHAHAAA!! Only if by "others" she means all her other personalities.

Did you notice that someone left one of the lockers at the Fusion office hanging open?

Why does Erica keep SMILING when she's supposed to be making a frightened/horrified face? She did it before when the bear rug was in her face and now she's doing it while yelling (and not very convincingly for someone who may lose her life to a crazy mountain man at any second) and trying to fight off Caleb, who is trying to tie her feet. Okay, it turned out to be her infected FOOT (that he refuses to help her with as far as taking her to a hospital or doctor), but since he's such an asshole, he doesn't actually TELL her that, he just grabs her, ignores her "terror" and starts tying up her foot.

Who is WRITING this dreck? Obviously we're supposed to root for Caleb really being just a misunderstood and very hurt man (he's probably rich, too), but all I see is a total asshole with no redeeming qualities other than that he miraculously manages to keep himself immaculately clean for someone who lives wherever he puts his head down for the night.

Why is Greenlee looking for PR advice from Madison and (sort of) Randi? Doesn't Fusion have a PR department? Nope, she's looking for advice from a woman recovering from being physically and emotionally abused who can't even keep a roof over her head with 2 jobs (and yet manages to wear a different outfit every day of the week and then some) and an ex-hooker who only recently got her GED. She might as well be getting some advice from strangers via Twitter.

I swear to God this Annie/JAR situation is going to make me puke any time now. It's like nails on a chalkboard!

Greenlee tells Madison (after firing her for daring to say they should look for Erica) to hand over the keys to the office. That's a laugh -- since when has Fusion had KEYS? ANYONE can just walk on in at any time of the day or night. The only locked place that I can recall is Erica's office.

Jack and Krystal keep talking about some horrible storms that went through the area of WV where they are. Is it just because this has gone on interminably that I don't recall Erica or Caleb ever mentioning a storm, nor did the show portray anything remotely resembling one? Maybe they did. More likely they are belatedly channeling real life into the storyline.

Did Erica fall into a sinkhole? It wouldn't be the first time and it certainly fits the storyline. Maybe she'll get better cellphone reception in it.

Robin "will she run into ROUS's & tell them not to eat her?" Coutellier

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