Wednesday, August 31, 2011

BC, Mon-Tue, 8/29-30/11

Tad shows a lot of empathy for Jesse having to lose his baby and bury it in the park. I was waiting for Tad to say "Hey, for what it's worth, I buried someone in the park, too."

Oh no he DI-INT! Ryan has the audacity to snark at Zach for speaking for his wife and not letting her have any say in the matter. The matter is that Zach bought a building out from under Ryan, a building that RYAN decided would be perfect to house both Cambias and Fusion together. Ryan surprised Greenlee with the fact that he put a bid on it, but Kendall was never mentioned, even though she is Greenlee's partner. Today Kendall said that Greenlee told her about it, but the fact remains that this was a deal that BOTH men were deciding on behalf of the "little ladies".

Ugh! I really don't like Zach's hairy look. He looks like a street person and it makes his face look fat.  Did he gain weight and is trying to hide it with hair?

Lucy is screaming her little head off and all Frankie and Randi can do about it is talk and wonder why. How about PICKING HER UP?
Why hasn't Angie asked whose baby Jesse replaced Ellie with?  They were in an empty house. Angie passed out. Where did Jesse get a baby at that time of night in the moments from when Angie passed out until she came to again? I know Angie is traumatized by the news that her biological baby died, but she's also bonded with Lucy.  Plus there's the time between when Jesse told Angie at the apartment until the time he took her to Ellie's grave. Angie didn't ask even ONCE about the origins of the baby that's been living with them since Ellie was born?

That said, Debbi Morgan gave a stellar performance today!

Robin "slap THAT onto the Emmy reel!" Coutellier

Thursday, August 25, 2011

BC - Wed, 8/24/11

Amanda gets sprung from the hospital the day after (possibly 2 days after) a hysterectomy and she goes to a party?  Un-f**king-believable!

Dixie announces that she's going for a swim and adds that the doctor calls it "hydrotherapy". What doctor? When did she go see a doctor? Wasn't the doctor remotely curious about the fact that she's returned from the DEAD? You'd think there would be government agents around her ala E.T.

Robin "guess she got over that whole NO-DOCTORS/NO HOSPITALS thing" Coutellier

Monday, August 22, 2011

BC - Wed-Fri, 8/17-19

Wasn't Zach's bed on the other side of the room on Tuesday?
Kendall and the boys are ready to leave the hospital. Griff offers them a ride and Kendall accepts. Uh, how did they get to the hospital in the first place. Wouldn't both boys need age-appropriate child safety seats? That made NO sense under the circumstances.

Robin "and then Griff asks her if she can find her own way back to the hospital - what a prince!" Coutellier

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

BC - Tue, 8/16/11

Damn, Jesse needs to lay down some weather-stripping on the bottom of their front door. He was able to easily see the shadows of Mookie's feet shuffling around outside the front door!

Jesse KNOWS that Mookie is a controlling and probably violent guy, yet he just leaves, telling Maya to make Mookie go away.  WTF? He leaves a dangerous man alone with the nanny and the BABY?

Ewww! Kendall gives Zach a nice long kiss; can you imagine what Zach's breath must be like after all this time?

Zach wants to leave and moves to get up from the bed, but Kendall insists that he stay because he has an infection. Pot, Kettle.

OMG, they actually WENT THERE and showed a love scene with Bianca and eBabe (at least the beginning of it)! I skipped through the Ryan/Greenlee love scene, but this is a whole nother ballgame (so to speak)! They still don't kiss convincingly, but the fact that they showed it at ALL is kind of amazing. Since I don't watch other soaps, I don't know if any of the other ones have shown lesbian love scenes (or gay ones, for that matter) or not, so I don't have that to compare it with this one.

Robin "they have me watching more frequently now because they keep surprising me; I can't believe I actually LIKE their version of short-timer attitude" Coutellier

BC - Mon, 8/15/11

Tad goes to PVH, holds up Cara's housekey and asks Cara why she moved out. She didn't move out; she left her key there with the PURPOSE of leaving, but I don't think she took so much as her purse with her, so in my book she hasn't moved out yet. In fact, she's barely been at work for more than a few minutes. BTW, WTF is up with a KEY? No one ever locks their doors in PV!

David says Zach has an infection and he needs antibiotics pumped into him. Let me get this straight: David routinely invents his own drugs, brings multiple people back from the dead, keeps them alive, yet in some sort of twilight sleep for YEARS on end while they are hidden away from the rest of the world, yet he doesn't have any antibiotics at his facilities? BOGUS!

Oh look! They threw us a bone by having Erica not only EAT something, but she eat a special sugary pastry and enjoyed it immensely. Can the G-Word be far behind?

Is Ryan's microphone not synced up with the other ones? Every time he talks he blasts me out of my chair, but if I turn it down enough to normal his volume, I can barely hear Kendall or Greenlee (which is not necessarily a bad thing).

Wow, Dixie has made remarkable strides since she got out of Oakhaven.

Robin "I just KNOW she's going to be singing 'You Are My Sunshine' to JAR in the final show" Coutellier

Friday, August 12, 2011

BC - Fri, 8/12/11

It was HILARIOUS when Ryan hopped into Dr. Davids Room O' Undeathingdo via the air vent or whatever it was. Whenever I see him do something like that, I always think back to the time I saw him race into a burning room to save Hayley and then unnecessarily JUMP to the other side of her prone figure in order to strike a pose upon landing like a superhero; I never fail to hear (in my mind) Mighty Mouse singing "HERE I COME TO SAVE THE DAAAAY!"

Robin "I want to see him wearing tights & a cape before the show ends" Coutellier

BC - Thu, 8/11/11

Jack gets Jane all the way back to PV and THEN says she might not need to serve time and she MIGHT get off on an insanity plea? WTH would she come back to the US if she thought she might have to go to jail or Oakhaven? This makes NO sense.  And she would NOT get off on an insanity plea. Talk about having all your faculties and knowing right from wrong! She set an exceptionally elaborate plan in motion, planned it for possibly YEARS and went through with it, hiding Erica the entire time and going back to check on her, keeping her from escaping, enlisting the services of someone else to guard her, etc. (do you think she reported Ben as an employee and took taxes out of his wages like any good employer?)  Crafty, yes. Crazy, NO.

What's with Jane's dowdy ensemble? Her hair's in a sloppy low ponytail, she's wearing big glasses, a beige suit, ear studs (remember she was wondering if her earrings were dangling ENOUGH?) and acting very un-Jane-like. Is she wearing orthopedic oxfords, too? She wanted to BE Erica Kane. Being herself instead does not mean being the OPPOSITE of Erica Kane.

Jack tells Jane that he's grateful that she's taking the rap for Erica stabbing David and says he'll be there for her in court. Presumably he means he'll be her lawyer. Uh, conflict of interest aside, wouldn't he be suborning perjury if he knowingly allows his client to lie in court, or is that only if they actually testify on a witness stand, as opposed to entering a plea? Even if she says she's guilty, she has to allocute her crime (describe what she did, in detail).

That is one God-awful getup Madison is wearing. BUTT-UGLY! I'm amazed that neither Scott nor JAR busted out laughing at the sight of her. I know *I* would have trouble keeping a straight face. Madison, sweetie, there's a difference between being fierce and bold and making a statement versus DESPERATELY trying to APPEAR to be fierce and bold and making a statement.

Uh, in what way did Tad "prepare" JAR to meet his zombie-mother again? He basically threatened him to come over sober or he would regret it for the rest of his life. That's not exactly fair. Without knowing the REASON he would regret it, why SHOULD he show up, drunk or not? That was pretty lame.

Robin "given her dead/undead/dead history, I wouldn't believe that was Dixie, either" Coutellier

Thursday, August 11, 2011

BC - Wed, 8/10/11

Tad says he wants Dixie to understand why he married Cara, but then says he doesn't want to bombard her with too much information, given what she's been through. WTF? She's CLEARLY agitated about the fact that the love of her life is married to someone else and, trust me, if I died and my sweetie married someone else, and then I came back from the dead, I'd want to know ALL about it, especially the part where it's not the way I think it is.

Why is JaNut calling Amanda Mandy? She ALWAYS referred to her as Amanda, usually preceded by "My Precious".

Dixie took off when she pretended to go get a glass of water. What a surprise. Apparently Tad doesn't know her as well as he thinks he does.  Even Angie would be able to see THAT coming.

I agree with Aisling - no WAY would they let Amanda wear nail polish or all that makeup for surgery in real life. Her toes didn't look pointy under the blanket, though, so at least she's probably not wearing F-Me pumps into surgery.

Robin "Why didn't they harvest some of her eggs first? Cara would probably volunteer to be a surrogate" Coutellier

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

BC - Tue, 8/9/11

Uh, so no one responded after Zach had a seizure at the end of Monday's show? Nice. The next thing we know, Greenlee is waking up near him and checking his pulse, glad that he's not still having seizures.

Hey Jesse, get your paws OFF of Kendall's stuff. Do you have a warrant? I didn't think so, so put the glass down and keep your lipstick comments to yourself!

I guess Dixie forgot that she saw "Kate" when she died. Or that she helped Colby keep  "Kate" safe in the bathroom during the fiasco at Angie and Jesse's wedding reception, or that she welcomed her Uncle Palmer to heaven, and never mind that she showed up to help Tad live their entire lives out together in his mind (I'll give that one to the writers and have it be Tad's imagination). Hmm, maybe David IS a god; there certainly seems to be a revolving door in and out of the afterlife, and he's the one with the key.Who's been cutting and styling Dixie's hair?

Kathy wants to know if she can call all her friends and tell them that her Mommy is back. Krystal immediately answers (with Dixie standing right there): "I don't see why not." Really? It's not UP to Krystal. How about the fact that everyone knows Dixie died and the National Intruder might show up on their doorstep at any second, not to mention David Hayward, who was sniffing around only a short while ago. How about the fact that JAR hasn't been told yet? How about the fact that once Kathy tells her friends, all their moms will show up on the doorstep with pies, cakes and photo/video-capable phones? It'll go viral on PVTube within minutes! How about the fact that Tad hasn't been able to tell his WIFE yet? Nope, no reason in the world for Kathy not to tell all her friends right this second.

Off the top of my head, here are some things that have happened while Dixie was gone that she may or may not be interested in hearing about:

  • Tad found Kathy (check)
  • Uncle Palmer died
  • Myrtle died
  • Julia died
  • Babe died
  • Stuart died
  • Seabone Hunckle just died
  • The Satin Slayer is Alexander Cambias, and he is behind bars
  • Adam left town
  • Erica got an impressive boob job (check)
  • JAR married eBabe, Babe's twin sister
  • eBabe adopted AJ
  • There's a bench in the park named after Dixie
  • eBabe and JAR got a divorce & a custody battle is a-brewin'
  • Bianca got married
  • Bianca had Zach's baby
  • Bianca got divorced
  • Kendall had another baby
  • Cortlandt Manor burned down
  • eBabe and Bianca are in love
  • JAR is drinking again because he found out his ex-wife is/has become a lesbian
  • Krystal bought BJs
  • No one goes to the boathouse anymore
  • Bianca and Cousin Caleb now live at Wildwind
  • Cousin Caleb inherited Cortlandt Electronics
  • Tad now has a green-card marriage
  • Greenlee died
  • Greenlee came back from the dead
  • While Greenlee was dead, Ryan and Erica shacked up
  • Tad has a grown son named Damon
  • Jake married Amanda and they had a baby
  • Kendall went to "prison"
  • Kendall almost died several times
  • Josh was shot by David
  • Winifred left the Chandler mansion for good
  • Adam married Annie, then divorced her
  • Adam and Brooke are together again
  • Kendall got a heart transplant via Josh's leftover heart
  • Zach died
  • JAR had leukemia
  • Jamie is/still is in Africa or somewhere thereabouts
  • Liza looks and dresses WAY differently than before, but she's still a bitch
  • JAR had hepatitis after his bone marrow was illegally harvested
  • Jesse was never dead (but see above)
  • Lainie is presumably still in Paris
  • David died, but was never really dead
  • Angie and Jesse have a baby
  • Del's Dixie kidney went kaput
  • Del's Di kidney went kaput
  • Del will probably show up looking for Dixie's OTHER kidney
  • Tad's new wife is Jake's previous wife
  • Ruth and Joe moved to Florida
  • As far as we know, Will is STILL dead, but that could change
Robin "and JAR is STILL an asshole" Coutellier

Monday, August 8, 2011

BC - 8/8/11

Tad's supposed to be a crackjack PI (and, yes, I believe he DID get his PI license in a Cracker Jack box, but that's beside the point). You'd think he would notice someone standing behind him at the park when everything else is so quiet because it's night.

For a couple of people who are about to go on a delayed "honeymoon", Tad and Cara really don't seem that hot for each other. If I were about to go on a weekend jaunt to Martha's Vineyard with my sweetie and we HADN'T had sex yet, we'd probably be all over each other before we got to the point of agreeing to go on a trip where we were, indeed, going to have sex (with each other).

What is the beeping medical equipment supposed to signify? If it's supposed to be Zach's heartbeat, it's WAAY too fast. If that's a normal sound for that room, you'd think it would drive anyone who had to be in the room (including the patient) bonkers.

So are Dixie, Zach and possibly Leo zombies now?

Okay, I know Greenlee is now dealing with Zach being on a bed in the same room (or one that LOOKS like the same room) as Leo was in. You'd think she would at least be gnashing her teeth to get back to finding Leo again, but she seems to have put him completely out of her mind to deal with Zach. I know she thinks it was a dream, and maybe it was, but now she's there with ZACH, right, so how can she know what's real and what's not? How can WE? At this point, as far as Greenlee goes, it's almost like one of those dreams where you dream you were dreaming, and you woke up, and WHEW, it was only a dream, but it seemed so REAL; and then something really bizarre happens, which seems perfectly normal to you, or at least acceptable as reality, and THEN you wake up for real and realize that you dreamed you had a dream and they BOTH seemed really real while you were dreaming them. Don't you HATE that?

Did you hear David refer to Angie as Andy Hubbard?

Robin "the scenes at Ryan's were just plain weird" Coutellier

Sunday, August 7, 2011

BC - Fri, 8/5/11

Did you hear there was a fire at Oakhaven? No, actually, I did NOT because they jumped ahead and it happened off-screen between JaNut showing Erica the gasoline she had saved up in a shampoo bottle and Kendall and Bianca talking about the fire.

I really HATE the fact that they are showing T__ C___ commercials during AMC, but even more than that I hate that they are showing them as the last commercial before returning to AMC after a spate of commercials, so even if you FF, it's hard to miss at least part of it as you jockey to get to the beginning of the next segment of AMC. How UTTERLY disrespectful to longtime fans of AMC!

I just LOVE JaNut! It was GREAT when she reminded Kendall that she was her cellmate back in 1991 or 1992. Damn, that's about 20 years ago! Kendall had already been aged to her early twenties by then, which means the current Kendall should be in her early 40s. I'm not going to try to pin ages at this point, though, because trying to figure out the Erica/Kendall age timewarp is enough to give ANYONE a migraine.

So not only did Oakhaven burn, but it burned to the ground? That's some kind of fire!

Leo has BEEN in Bhutan or is GOING to be in Bhutan? Or are they in Bhutan NOW? WTF? I can see why David's legs would be cramped after the long drive from Pine Valley to Bhutan. I had to look up Bhutan, which, according to Wikipedia is described as: "officially the Kingdom of Bhutan, is a landlocked state in South Asia, located at the eastern end of the Himalayas and bordered to the south, east and west by the Republic of India and to the north by the People's Republic of China."

Hmm, Zach has a tan, too. That David sure knows how to treat his living corpses well! Can't have them looking wan, now can we?

I'm not even sure how I'm feeling about all this. On the one hand, this is GREAT STUFF! On the other hand, it's pretty far-fetched. But since they are going away ANYWAY, WTH? Might  as well pull out all the stops!

Robin "I hope the ending consists of the entire still-living cast, past & present, giving the finger to Brian Fronz" Coutellier

BC - Thu, 8/4/11

Where is Dixie getting her expertly applied makeup?

The inmates at the asylum know who Dixie is; isn't she a Jane Doe as far as the staff at Oakhaven is concerned? Have they even noticed that several people are calling her Dixie? For that matter, why would they take a Jane Doe to Oakhaven? Shouldn't she be in some State--er-Commonwealth facility?

Did you hear the muffled voice over a loudspeaker while Jake was pouring out his "settling for being married" speech to Amanda at the park?

Leo looks pretty damn good for someone who's been in a coma (or whatever kind of physical state he's in) for damn near a decade.

Robin "he's even got a tan" Coutellier

Friday, August 5, 2011

BC - Wed, 8/3/11

Ooh, Tad should NOT wear wide whites. Just ... no.

The scenes with Colby and Asher were painfully boring. The whole episode was boring. So it's a good thing I broke yesterday's Boogie Chillen into two parts. The first was a list of people David might possibly bring back from the dead and the second is a list of people that would be fun to see again:
  • eMilY AnN SaGo shows up at Krystals, serving a tray of hors d'oeuvres.
  • Esther shows up at the Hubbard's door offering her services as a nanny.
  • Leslie Coulsen walks into Fusion and tries to sell Avon products.
  • Alfred Vanderpool forecloses on the Chandler mansion.
  • Verla Grubbs is shown in the background sweeping the floor at Krystal's.
  • Winifred is shown cackling, with a can of gasoline and matches, outside a burning Chandler mansion.
  • Val is shown at the mall autographing his new tell-all book about being Erica Kane's personal slav--er-assistant.
  • Arlene shows up in her cowgirl outfit, ready to party, but is quickly taken hostage by Chapstick Sophie.
  • Corvina visits Erica at Oakhaven for the sole purpose of gloating and, once again, calling her a self-serving shrew.
  • Axel Greene shows up and asks JaNut to marry him.
  • Mary Smythe shows up and tells Ryan that SHE is his real mother. Greenlee slugs her.
  • Officer Sean arrests Amanda again when he sees how she dresses just to go to the grocery store.
  • Ethel and Irma show up and ask Opal if she wants to start a new chain of Glamoramas.
  • Blanche Trashe sings at Confusion.
  • Alice Hart shows up and asks Kendall why she never calls and never writes.
  • Del Henry shows up and panhandles outside of Krystal's, with a sign that says he'll work for a kidney.
  • Livia moves back from San Francisco to be a judge in PV and subsequently sentences David Hayward to 493 years in prison for performing unsanctioned medical testing on human subjects.
  • Edna Ferguson is seen passing out flyers and coupons for her new dog-grooming business.
  • Charlie Brent shows up to be the spokesperson for Fusion's new line of Fierce Toothpaste.
  • Lysistrata Schwartz is shown ushering Annie out of a counseling session at Oakhaven.
  • Devon McFadden is seen sniveling in the background at one of JAR's AA meetings.
  • Maggie shows  up in town wanting Bianca back. She and eBabe end up in a mud wrestling tussle at the PV Park while a drunken JAR watches and decides that eBabe being a lesbian might not be such a bad thing.
  • Taylor Roxbury-Canon is seen on TV hawking blue mouthwash.
  • Philip Brent shows up, only to be hit by a falling satellite the first time he opens his mouth to try to say anything to Tara, who came back to have a clandestine rendevous with him at the Yacht Club. Tara weeps copiously.
  • Vera Vanderbilt shows up at Jesse's door, having heard he was alive, swinging her Foxy's tail suggestively and and asking him if he's finally come to his senses and is ready to give her a ride on his Rocket 88.
  • Benny Sago shows up on his motorcycle asking if anyone has seen Emily Ann.
Robin "any more?" Coutellier

Thursday, August 4, 2011

BC - Tue, 8/2/11

If Jake has been asleep since last night, why is the laptop screen still showing what he was looking at before he fell asleep? No screensaver on THAT puppy.

Presumably David keeps hounding Ben to find Dixie. How is Ben supposed to find her if he has to spend all his time on the phone being lambasted by David for not finding her? And why doesn't David have a codename for Dixie (like DADD (Dumb As Dirt Dixie))?

David is going to hint to all sorts of people that all sorts of people are still alive. Who has died that could possibly be brought back?

  • Leo (Miller Falls, body never found)
  • Hannah (Miller Falls (body never found)
  • Zach (plane crash, body never found)
  • Jenny (jet ski accident)
  • Will (head smashed in with a crowbar)
  • Trevor (beheaded, frozen)
  • Stuart (shot)
  • Braden (Just Braden) (shot and caved-in)
  • Cindy (AIDS-related complications)
  • Noah (shot)
  • Julia (liver failure after explosion?)
  • Ethan Cambias (Mardi Gras explosion aftermath)
  • Babe (tornado-induced butt bleedout)
  • Frank Grant (Jesse's uncle, stroke)
  • Edmund (burned alive in the stable)
  • Michael Cambias (shot, rotted)
  • Zach Grayson (shot by Marian Colby)
  • Estelle LaTour Tuggle Sago (car accident)
  • Rebecca Fowler (Natalia's mom, cancer)
  • Gillian (shot in the head, heart transplanted into someone else)
  • Billy Clyde Tuggle (thrown off bridge in explosion, since buried)
  • Ray Gardner (exploded on the Martin front lawn)
  • Vanessa Bennett  (Miller Falls, body never found)
  • Natalie (massive stroke)
  • Silver Kane (stabbed with scissors by Natalie, last seen bobbing to the surface in a pond on the Cortlandt estate)
  • Josh Madden (unaborted, shot by Zach, heart transplanted into Kendall)
  • Di Henry (shot)
  • Richie Novak (tire iron to the head via Annie)
  • Mary Kennecott (shot by burglars in 1974)
  • Erin Lavery (Satin Slayer victim)
  • Stan Ulatowski (jumped out of a plane, body never found)
  • Simone (Satin Slayer victim)
  • Christopher Stamp (shot)
  • Roger Smythe (shot)
  • Jeremy (encased in cement? shot? Killed on another show)
  • Sybil Thorne (died in childbirth)
  • Greg Madden (buried alive, suffocated by earthquake-induced cave-in)
  • Frankie (Bianca's girlfriend, shot)

(Yes I have read some possible spoilers, but I'm hoping there may be more surprises in store for us)

Robin "the mind boggles!" Coutellier

BC - Mon, 8/1/11

AJ was at the park with eBabe. Tad found JAR in the park, gave him a lecture and then said he was going to go get AJ and take him home. The next thing we know, Tad goes back to Krystal's to meet up again with Cara, and he has AJ in tow. Does eBabe know that Tad even HAS AJ?

Erica was dragged out of Dixie's room (twice). Why would they then put her in the room right next to Dixie?

Why did Griff tell Kendall that David may possibly have Zach stashed away somewhere? You'd think he would know by now that Kendall is nothing if not impulsive and that both she and her mother's go-to solution when they are pissed off is VIOLENCE. Guns, knives, drugs, pillows--whatever it takes or even just whatever happens to be handy at the time. Kendall, in particular, has a long history of using the threat of lethal violence to try to force people to cooperate with her, whatever her current obsession happens to be. Oh sure, both she and Erica usually wield whatever their current weapon of choice is in a very feminine manner while wearing the latest fashions, but the bottom line is that they often follow through with a very unladylike result. You know that, sure as shit, Kendall is going to go after David and try to force him to tell her whatever he knows about Zach.

Robin "here we go again" Coutellier

BC - Fri, 7/29/11

JaNut (after being told she is morbid for the "corpse pose" being her favorite yoga position): "What is so morbid about corpses?" Annie: "See, this is why I SO don't belong in here!" JaNut: "You killed your BROTHER!" Annie: "At least I didn't kill my HUSBAND!" Marian: "At least I didn't kill ANYBODY ... recently."

I am LOVING having all of them back AND interacting. And while they are sniping at each other, Erica is lying on the floor like a ... corpse.

Tad told JAR that if he had stuck around Krystal's when Tad was talking about him, he would have heard Tad say that JAR grew up to be every bit the man Dixie thought he would be. Apparently Dixie thought he would grow up to be a flaming asshole. In which case, JAR DOES know that he grew up to the every bit the man his mother thought he would be.

Opal told Tad that he managed to spring Dixie out of Oakhaven way back when. BZZZZT!  Adam had Dixie dragged off to a private sanitarium, Laurel Hill. It was straightened out for me once and for all back in 2008 when I saw a video on Youtube. I mentioned it in the Boogie Chillen for 5/7/08 when I said:

"For years and years I thought that Dixie had been locked away at Oakhaven, but she wasn't.  She was locked away at Laurel Hill.  We FINALLY got that straightened out here relatively recently, I think due to a video from that time that was on Youtube.  Now DIXIE says Adam locked her away at Oakhaven.  Sigh.  Here we go again ...  I wish they'd pick an asylum and stick with it!  I do know that Erica and Gloria Marsh have been at Oakhaven, as has JaNut (I think).  I think the first we heard of Oakhaven was when Erica went there after losing Phil's baby (I think Susan Lucci was HAVING a baby in real life and taking maternity leave)."

Do you think Erica remembers which room she was in at Oakhaven back in the 1970s?

Why is the nurse taking everyone's word for ... well, EVERYTHING? Tad explains that his mother is not crazy, so she says okay, we need the room, anyway. Then she walks away, telling him to wait, just letting him roam the inner halls of a mental facility all on his own. The nurse tells the others that yoga time is over and just walks ahead of the inmates without a backward glance at them, despite the fact that they ALL have violent histories. Then Annie says Erica attacked her and the nurse takes her word for it (and JaNut's word that Erica DID touch Annie) to put Erica into isolation. I'm beginning to think the NURSE is one of the inmates.

Then Erica is able to simply burst into Dixie's room without having to do anything more strenuous than turn the doorknob. It's nice to see that Security is still paramount at Oakhaven.

Robin "Aidan would be able to spring ALL of them if he were there" Coutellier