Friday, August 5, 2011

BC - Wed, 8/3/11

Ooh, Tad should NOT wear wide whites. Just ... no.

The scenes with Colby and Asher were painfully boring. The whole episode was boring. So it's a good thing I broke yesterday's Boogie Chillen into two parts. The first was a list of people David might possibly bring back from the dead and the second is a list of people that would be fun to see again:
  • eMilY AnN SaGo shows up at Krystals, serving a tray of hors d'oeuvres.
  • Esther shows up at the Hubbard's door offering her services as a nanny.
  • Leslie Coulsen walks into Fusion and tries to sell Avon products.
  • Alfred Vanderpool forecloses on the Chandler mansion.
  • Verla Grubbs is shown in the background sweeping the floor at Krystal's.
  • Winifred is shown cackling, with a can of gasoline and matches, outside a burning Chandler mansion.
  • Val is shown at the mall autographing his new tell-all book about being Erica Kane's personal slav--er-assistant.
  • Arlene shows up in her cowgirl outfit, ready to party, but is quickly taken hostage by Chapstick Sophie.
  • Corvina visits Erica at Oakhaven for the sole purpose of gloating and, once again, calling her a self-serving shrew.
  • Axel Greene shows up and asks JaNut to marry him.
  • Mary Smythe shows up and tells Ryan that SHE is his real mother. Greenlee slugs her.
  • Officer Sean arrests Amanda again when he sees how she dresses just to go to the grocery store.
  • Ethel and Irma show up and ask Opal if she wants to start a new chain of Glamoramas.
  • Blanche Trashe sings at Confusion.
  • Alice Hart shows up and asks Kendall why she never calls and never writes.
  • Del Henry shows up and panhandles outside of Krystal's, with a sign that says he'll work for a kidney.
  • Livia moves back from San Francisco to be a judge in PV and subsequently sentences David Hayward to 493 years in prison for performing unsanctioned medical testing on human subjects.
  • Edna Ferguson is seen passing out flyers and coupons for her new dog-grooming business.
  • Charlie Brent shows up to be the spokesperson for Fusion's new line of Fierce Toothpaste.
  • Lysistrata Schwartz is shown ushering Annie out of a counseling session at Oakhaven.
  • Devon McFadden is seen sniveling in the background at one of JAR's AA meetings.
  • Maggie shows  up in town wanting Bianca back. She and eBabe end up in a mud wrestling tussle at the PV Park while a drunken JAR watches and decides that eBabe being a lesbian might not be such a bad thing.
  • Taylor Roxbury-Canon is seen on TV hawking blue mouthwash.
  • Philip Brent shows up, only to be hit by a falling satellite the first time he opens his mouth to try to say anything to Tara, who came back to have a clandestine rendevous with him at the Yacht Club. Tara weeps copiously.
  • Vera Vanderbilt shows up at Jesse's door, having heard he was alive, swinging her Foxy's tail suggestively and and asking him if he's finally come to his senses and is ready to give her a ride on his Rocket 88.
  • Benny Sago shows up on his motorcycle asking if anyone has seen Emily Ann.
Robin "any more?" Coutellier

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