Wednesday, August 31, 2011

BC, Mon-Tue, 8/29-30/11

Tad shows a lot of empathy for Jesse having to lose his baby and bury it in the park. I was waiting for Tad to say "Hey, for what it's worth, I buried someone in the park, too."

Oh no he DI-INT! Ryan has the audacity to snark at Zach for speaking for his wife and not letting her have any say in the matter. The matter is that Zach bought a building out from under Ryan, a building that RYAN decided would be perfect to house both Cambias and Fusion together. Ryan surprised Greenlee with the fact that he put a bid on it, but Kendall was never mentioned, even though she is Greenlee's partner. Today Kendall said that Greenlee told her about it, but the fact remains that this was a deal that BOTH men were deciding on behalf of the "little ladies".

Ugh! I really don't like Zach's hairy look. He looks like a street person and it makes his face look fat.  Did he gain weight and is trying to hide it with hair?

Lucy is screaming her little head off and all Frankie and Randi can do about it is talk and wonder why. How about PICKING HER UP?
Why hasn't Angie asked whose baby Jesse replaced Ellie with?  They were in an empty house. Angie passed out. Where did Jesse get a baby at that time of night in the moments from when Angie passed out until she came to again? I know Angie is traumatized by the news that her biological baby died, but she's also bonded with Lucy.  Plus there's the time between when Jesse told Angie at the apartment until the time he took her to Ellie's grave. Angie didn't ask even ONCE about the origins of the baby that's been living with them since Ellie was born?

That said, Debbi Morgan gave a stellar performance today!

Robin "slap THAT onto the Emmy reel!" Coutellier

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