Friday, September 2, 2011

BC - Wed, 8/31/11

It's great to see Agnes Nixon again! That said, why did they bring her character in in a wheelchair if she was "critical"?

I love how David said that Pine Valley hospital wouldn't exist without Agnes.

Does the name "Eckhardt" have a special meaning? Ah, Francine says that Eckhardt is Agnes Nixon's maiden name. I KNEW it had to have some significance!

How did Mrs. Eckhardt know David's father enough to recognize him in the tunnel of light? David only came to Pine Valley because he was following Ally Doyle here; he's not FROM Pine Valley. All things considered, though, I suppose that his father's spirit would have the capability recognize a connection and tell Agnes to give David a message.

Robin "I expected the message to consist of two words, but the message given was close enough" Coutellier

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