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Blast From The Past - Detailed Friday Update, 11/3/00, Part 1 of 3

I decided to post some older stuff just to keep things going. Back in 2000 (and some before that, maybe) I was posting a detailed update for each Friday's show in rec.arts.tv.soaps(.abc). I am incapable of giving a brief, concise summary and, aided by the captioning/magazine function of my TV video card in my old PC described just about every nuance for every minute of the show. My wrists have been problematic for a very long time, though, and I finally had to give it up. Since they were ridiculously long, though, that gives me some more material to work with NOW, so I'm going to break up this update into (I think) 3 parts over the course of a few days. I just picked this one at random from my archives.

AMC - UPDATE - Friday, November 3, 2000, Part 1

Previously on AMC

Arlene, surprising Hayley on Halloween night by showing up at the condo: "Hayley, please help me."  [Sirens]  Hayley: "You've got two choices -- stay and go to jail or run for your life."

Tad to Dixie upon having their romantic interlude interrupted by urgent business: "I'm going to run back here, ok?  Do me a favor and change into something ridiculously comfortable!"

Bianca's thoughts as she looks at the large portrait of Erica in the living room:  "I'm never going to tell you the truth.  I know it would kill you if you knew what I'm really like."


David, his hand still bandaged, quietly lets himself into the living room and looks around.  He's horny and on the PROWL!  He stands there for a moment, hugging himself and trying to fight his surging hormones.  He sees Dixie's sweater on the couch and rushes over to pick it up.  He slowly fondles it, sensuously rubbing it over his face and neck, starting to breathe hard from desire.  His gaze falls on a picture of Tad and Dixie from their most recent wedding.  He drops the sweater, then runs over and grasps the photo frame.  He breathes even harder as he sees the image of a braless Dixie.  He covers Tad's image with his palm and runs his fingers lightly over Dixie's image.  He closes his eyes, aching with desire and appears to be on the edge of an orgasm!  He fights the urge, resulting some sort of heart spasm, causing him to drop the frame and clutch at his heart.

Dixie, hearing the frame hit the floor, calls out questioningly to Tad. David instantly recovers from his heart spasm as she says:  "Is that you? Did you forget something?"  He teeters hesitantly, but with the look of a hunter.  The camera pans toward their bedroom, which has mysteriously relocated itself from the 2nd floor to just off the living room.  As we hear David breathing, it appears he is stalking slowly toward the bedroom -- it's a TRICK, though, because Dixie prances out wearing an extremely low-cut, micro-mini negligee with an open matching "robe", black pantyhose and high-heels, David is nowhere to be seen.  [Psyched!]  She asks the empty living room:  "Did you break something?"  She walks across the room and calls again.  David slinks out from behind a wall.  Dixie's back is to him as he looks at her legs and ass, gulping.  Dixie spies the broken picture frame and bends to pick it up (but then leaves it there).  She keeps calling for Tad.  She looks worried, but then realizes that Tad must be playing love games:  "Oh, I get it -- you want to play Phantom of the Opera?  Ok.  She chuckles with sexy anticipation.  As she starts to remove her robe, she acts coquettish and says:  "We're aaaallll alone, and I'm in the mood for a singing lesson!"  She saucily tosses the robe over her head and behind her.  She hears footsteps as David purposefully walks up behind, taking slow, deep breaths.  Dixie, acting school-girlishly innocent:  "I'm going to sing now.  I hope no one comes up behind me to ravage me!"  She giggles and whispers:  "I feel a mysterious presence. Who is it?"  She turns around and is astounded to see DAVID standing there!  She opens her mouth and starts to step back as he looks at her. He is breathing erratically and twitching  here and there.  [situation aside, his arousal is certainly turning ME on!]

Still panting, David slowly steps up to Dixie ad tells her not to be afraid.  She backs up, then twirls and puts her robe back on (yeah, like THAT covers much of anything].  David slumps onto the couch and she screeches at him not to sit.  He apologizes and says he HAS to.  He rubs his eyes and forehead and says he worried about her -- she's making a big mistake.  She yells at him not to worry about it -- she doesn't want to talk about it, she wants him to GO!  He says he's not talking about her job, he's talking about her HEALTH -- it would be very dangerous for her to switch doctors right now.  She walks away from him and fumes that he's NOT the only cardiologist in the world.  He agrees, but says nobody in the WORLD knows her heart like HE does.  No one can take care of her the way the HE can.  He stares meaningfully at her and she looks back at him, somewhat pityingly and a little frightened.

He walks closer and she backs up.  She babbles that, if it makes him feel better, she'll have the cardiologist send him copies of all her reports. His voice breaking, he earnestly asks her why she is pushing him AWAY? She's very frightened now and says she's not going to talk about this. She opens the door and says he has to leave, NOW!  He yells at her to STOP IT and slams the door shut again.  Why does she keep pretending that this isn't happening?  She yells that he broke into her house!  He keeps yelling at her, telling him that she's KILLING him!  Can't she SEE that? David: "I can't stop the way that I'm feeling for you!  How can I?  All I have to do is close my eyes and picture the way that I see you every single day!"  [Altogether now:  NAKED?]  She protests that she WORKED for him -- she answered his PHONE!  He points and says no, she KISSED him! She says it was just a moment -- a mistake.  He's near tears as he says: "No -- it was much more than that, Dixie.  I SWEAR, I'll DIE if I can't have you!  Are you going to let me DIE, Dixie?  Is that what you really want?"  He stares at her with pleading eyes and she stares back uncomprehendingly at his delusion.

Dixie tells David he doesn't look well.  He seems to be fighting off a faint and is rubbing his neck like he has a sore throat.  Still drawing shuddering breaths, he tells her that all he needs to be well is HER.  He wants her to tell him that they can be friends again.  She goes into major blink-mode as she tells him that he's just PLAYING with her LIFE!  He comes into her home where she has a life, a family and a husband.  He says he's not trying to take anything from her.  She agrees that he's trying to GIVE her something and she doesn't WANT IT!  She insists she's happy with her life and she loves her husband and he loves her.  David thinks that has nothing to do with THEM!  She knows David by now -- does she honestly think he's the kind of person who would throw himself at a woman who didn't WANT him?  [Ally]  Does she REALLY think that he would BEG for a little affection from someone who REALLY wanted him to go away?  Dixie: "Are you kidding me?  I have never met such a HUGE, unMITigated EGO!" She's very forceful as she loudly tells him:  "Let me tell you something, David!  I don't WANT you!  You DISGUST me, as a matter of fact!   I HATE you and I want you to LEAVE!"  She threatens him with a call to the police and he tells her to go ahead -- he's not leaving!  They'll have to drag him out of there in HANDCUFFS!  She suddenly darts for the phone, which just as suddenly rings, causing her to yelp and jump.  After covering her face with her hands, she quickly answers.  She triumphantly spins and with glittering eyes and a shaky voice, tells David that it's Tad.  He glowers at her.

Naturally, Dixie doesn't say a thing about the imminent danger she is in. She explains her shortness of breath by saying she just ran up the stairs from the basement laundry room.  From her side of the conversation, it's clear that he's tied up with business and won't be home after all.  She says she understands and they say goodbye.  David (and everyone else) wants to know why she didn't tell Tad about him being there.  She says it's because Tad would KILL David.  He asks if that was the only reason and she says that Tad is coming home right now.  David states what even a toddler would have picked up on -- no he's not -- Tad called to tell her that he was going to be held up.  It's just them, so now they can have a long, PRIVATE conversation.  She tearfully whispers that she loves her husband and when he cheated on her with Liza, she felt like everything he had ever said to her was a lie.  She didn't think he could possibly love her or respect what they had if he could do something like that.  David says that now she knows it can be more complicated than that -- she could love her husband and still be looking at David the way she's doing right now.  Her voice gets higher and higher as she tells him that she really DOES care about him, and she thinks that it's possible that she's the only one he's let into his heart and that means something, it really DOES [by this time her words are unintelligible and voice is so high-pitched that dogs up and down my street are howling]

She gains a tiny bit of composure and says that all she has to do is think of the look on Tad's face to know that she would NEVER hurt him!  David turns away and rubs his forehead, apologizing and asking her to forgive him.  She cries that he doesn't want her to FORGIVE him -- he wants her to feel SORRY for him!  She breaks down again and says she doesn't know why she feels the way she does about him -- she doesn't WANT to and she HATES it -- she HATES herself!  David turns back to her and begs her not to feel that way.  She's too good and sweet and special.  She's covering her face in her hands and crying and looking downward.  She sounds like a distraught 12-year-old manning the drive-up window at a run-down burger joint, as she says [for the benefit of those who couldn't possibly have understood what she was saying without benefit of closed-captioning]:  "I don't feel GOOD!  I don't feel SWEET or SPECIAL!  I feel like I'm DROWNING!"  He somberly and thoughtfully says he thinks they're both right -- she doesn't REALLY want him to go, but he really shouldn't be there. She grimaces through her tears and shakes her head.  He says he never should have come there and he'll go; she nods.  As he walks away, he looks sick, then faints.  Dixie falls to her knees to help him.

Dixie paws futilely at David's leather jacket until he sits up, gasping for air.  She keeps asking if he's okay and what does he need?  She's bending over displaying quite a bit of her bodacious ta-tas as she says this.  Amazingly, he manages to keep his eyes OFF of said bodacious ta-tas as he despairingly says:  "You said that when you're with me, you feel like you're drowning.  I have felt that way my ENTIRE LIFE!  Like I'm sinking, just trying to survive!"  She tells him it's okay -- she's going to go call an ambulance.  He grabs hers and tells her not to leave him! Their eyes lock and he says:  "God help me!  I would DIE before I hurt you, Dixie.  You're my last hope!"  With a shaking hand and panting breath, he brushes aside her hair as saxophone music suddenly starts to play.  He pulls her face close and she moves with it.  Their lips lock slowly, then more passionately as they start to move with the groove.

[ to be continued tomorrow ... ]

Irreverently submitted,

Robin "did David take a shower before going over to 'seduce' Dixie?"

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