Thursday, September 8, 2011

BC - Wed, 9/7/11

Is Thorsten Kaye losing his voice? It's always somewhat raspy, but he seems to be deliberately keeping his voice down so as not to strain it.  Or maybe it was because he and David were in the middle of a police station and discussing the fact that Zach probably has Griff (or Griff's body) stashed at the warehouse Ryan tried to break into. OTOH, being in a police station or other place where it would be "bad" if someone overheard them never stopped anyone else from talking normally (or even loudly) in the police station or anywhere else in PV.

Awww, how sweet! Sam came back to PV to suck Opal's pillows! He's still a cutie, too!

Wow, Angie's eyes look GREAT considering she just had surgery on them! It's a nice touch that she's not wearing any eye makeup.

Robin "LOVED Verla's 'hidden' wailing" Coutellier

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