Sunday, September 11, 2011

BC - Fri, 9/9/11

Greenlee tells Zach that maybe it would have been better for everyone if he hadn't come back (because he's being loyal to David). Gee, Greenlee, the same could be said about YOU, couldn't it? I don't know which was worse, her hooking up with David or her hooking up with Ryan again.

Tidbit: John O'Hurley (who played the movie exec) is Eva La Rue's former husband (she was married to him before she was married to John Callahan).

Someone is shot. Is is Ryan or Zach? Zach had the gun to begin with, so soap logic says ZACH will inadvertently shoot himself with his own gun. I really, Really, REALLY hope it was Ryan, though. Then again, my immediate thought was the Ryan has abs of titanium, so it wouldn't matter anyway.

As predicted, Cara is pregnant.

Robin "gee, what a surprise" Coutellier

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