Thursday, September 22, 2011

BC - Wed, 9/21/11

Awwwww!!!  They start out the episode with MEK dedicating the show to Mary Fickett. I'm tearing up already and I'm only seconds into the episode!  Waaaaa!

Well, I guess my speculation about SMG playing the (unseen and unheard, so far) interviewer was wrong. Maybe it will still be someone we know from the past, though.

It's good to see Dr. Joe and CatRuth, even if it is bittersweet in so many ways.

ADAM!  Babe (I say with not nearly as much enthusiasm).

How can Maria not know what SMG's character meant when she said she knew she was homesick, but didn't know that PV was the place for which she was homesick? Uh, hello? Maria/Maureen? Maria's memory gradually came back as she remembered places that seemed so familiar to her and that she was drawn to, so she should have been able to "get" that. That said, it was cute and nostalgic to see the two of them return to the show that made them famous.

  • SMG's character is seeing vampires. Maria says that vampires are popular. SMG says that she was seeing them BEFORE they became so popular.
  • Maria said she had to go when she saw her cellphone ringing; she said it was an important call from Miami :-)
Tad thinks something weird is going on with all these great things happening and people showing up. Hey, there's JAMIE!  Maybe Father Clarence is making an early appearance this year.

I hate to admit it, but I was actually moved by JAR's wrenching realization that his entire life has turned to shit AND on top of all that, Babe (including the one with the Glittery Hoo-Hoo) was really, most sincerely dead. Then Babe told him to try to remember what a good man he is. Babe! WTF? No, he's NOT a good man, and if he thinks about THAT, it will only reinforce his ... shall we say "bad decisions".

Tad and Dixie met 20 years ago, hmmm? More like 22-23 years ago, and JAR is certainly older than 22. Okay, I'll let it slide; it's nowhere near as headache-inducing as trying to decipher the ages of Erica, her children, and anyone else in her long-term orbit.

They kind of telegraphed today that Stuart was going to be revived, but it still felt great when that turned out to be true! He's like the one GOOD person in PV, no matter what happened. It was also a great moment when Adam sort of channeled Stuart as a memory as he sensed Stuart's presence in the world.

Tidbit: Opal's cellphone number is 610-555-0145.

Robin "make 'em laugh, make 'em cry, make 'em wai--nope, no more waiting" Coutellier

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