Monday, September 19, 2011

BC - Mon, 9/19/11

I was just watching Young Frankenstein wherein Dr. FrOnkestein talks about reanimating dead tissue. Then I thought of David bringing so many people back from the dead. Alas, like Dr. Frankenstein and Dr. FrOnkenstein, Dr. Dave is simply a misunderstood genius. I would love for Griffin to show up at Dr. Dave's lair where the reanimated dead tissue is being kept and have Cloris Leachman make a surprise guest appearance as Frau Blucher, office manager (and have the horses at Wildwind start neighing) Helga Voynitzheva/Susan Willis would have GREAT in that capacity but, alas, both Helga and Ms. Willis have passed on and are unlikely to be reanimated. Cloris Leachman is alive and well, though.

I did not like eBabe's hair today. She looked kind of odd. Maybe it just takes getting used to, but I hardly recognized her with her hair back.

It was so great to see Angie be able to SEE the baby and Maya! At least the TIIC at ABC gave them time enough for THAT to happen, although I agree with Aisling that it should have happened via the Christmas Angel. Maybe DAVID is the Christmas Angel, "reanimated". Yeah, so his behavior hasn't exactly been angelic for many years, but you'd be cranky, too, if you spent most of your life in a dark box and the rest of it with a pointy (albeit pine-scented), sappy, wooden stick up your ass.

LOVED the Hubbard montage today. I think they were remiss, however, not to show flashbacks to Jesse's Uncle Frank and Aunt Nancy, who took him in after his mother died, not to mention at least Angie's mom, if not her father.

I'm wondering if they'll show credits at the end of the last show that include everyone who has ever had at least a contract role on the show since 1970. That might take too long, but they could zip it by really fast, knowing how many people will be recording the show in one capacity or another. I, too, could not bring myself to delete today's show from my Tivo as I usually do after watching. Not only that, but I set all my Season Passes for AMC to record at BEST quality for the rest of the week (and to get today's show at best quality on Soapnet at 1am). It's sad to know that I'll be deleting my AMC Season Passes. No way in HELL am I going to give any ratings points to That Mastication Show that shall not be named.

Are we going to hear the G-Word this week? Maybe THAT will be the end-note on the series finale.

Robin "g-word, g-word, g-word, g-word, g-word ..." Coutellier

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