Sunday, September 11, 2011

BC - Thu, 9/8/11

I see Madison has given up on the uber-fierce look. Thank goodness.

So is Dixie now officially a Dixie Chick?

Cara thinks she's dying and she has made some "trouble dolls", one for her missing brother, one for not having a place to live, and one for the children she probably won't have. Well, that pretty much cinches it; she's not dying of cancer, she's (as predicted) pregnant with David's baby.

I don't know much about foreclosures, but don't people usually have a more reasonable amount of time than 1 week to get out of the house? Of course, they'll be out of the house ANYWAY in about two weeks.

Sooo, I'm guessing little Trevor is going to discover Ellie's grave (based on the fact that his parents periodically tell him to stay where they can see him, but otherwise pay no attention to his whereabouts). ETA: Apparently not, but it would have been a good opportunity. Maybe he'll still say something about it.

Dixie to Tad (when HE was in a chicken suit): "Is that an egg in your basket or are you just happy to see me?"

Robin "Oh come on, it was CUTE!" Coutellier

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