Wednesday, September 21, 2011

BC - Tue, 9/20/11

JAR follows Griff to a place where some of David's reanimated tissue is being stored. Griff warns him that it's not Babe there, and he has no idea what he's risking! Okay, this totally cracked me up because I had JUST finished watching a couple of episodes of Family Guy, and the last thing I saw was the end of the the "retarded horse/gay gene" episode wherein a dead (for about 2-3 weeks), battered horse carcass lands on the kitchen table (and it's on the heels of watching Young Frankenstein yesterday), so you can only imagine what I was visualizing/afraid might be under the sheet!  *I'm* not even sure what I was visualizing, but it wasn't pretty and it certainly wasn't glittery

Am I the only one who, when confronted with the cast from That Mastication Show as they invite us to join them, flips them off, often accompanied by an loud, unvarnished "FUCK YOU!"? Didn't think so. (nope, I'm not even going to use asterisk censors for that)

Most of the actors all seem so relaxed in these last days. They've probably been dreading the axe falling for so long that now that it's fallen they can relax and be themselves.

I'd like to say I was surprised that Kendall and Bianca agreed that SMG might be good to play one of them in the movie of Erica's life, but after the first couple of interview shots and based on rumblings I've heard, I figured that not only would her name come into play as far as casting the movie goes, but I'm guessing that SMG is playing the character who is interviewing them. (That's not a spoiler because that's only a guess)

The flashbacks were nice, but there should have been WAY more Mona and WAY less Ryan, and given Mona's long-term love for Phoebe's husband it might have been a good way to segue some shots of Phoebe and Dr. Tyler, too.

Okay, I'm starting to get weepy now. It physically HURT to delete my Wednesday-at-1-am Soapnet AMC scheduled recording of AMC. 

Robin "sniffle, sniffle, sniff ... sniff -- wait, is that a HORSE I smell?" Coutellier

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