Sunday, September 4, 2011

BC - Fri, 9/2/11

Who wears a short, skin-tight dress to move? Cara. It has always struck me as odd that she puts SOOO much effort into how she looks while making such a big deal about roughing it while with Doctors Without Borders?  (Yeah, it's a lame joke, but the wording was just BEGGING for it). Even in the flashback in a tent with Jake she was wearing what looked to be a very uncomfortable (but stylish and quite uplifting) bra.

(Not spoiler, just a speculation/question) Are they going to kill off Angie via a stroke? Way back in the early 80s Jesse's Uncle Frank died from stroke. On a TUESDAY--who dies on a TUESDAY on soaps? Frank had high blood pressure and his death was part of a storyline about how black men have a tendency to have high blood pressure and should ALWAYS take their medication, even if they are feeling better. If they DO kill her off, she'll probably at least get to see Jesse and Frankie before she goes.

Obviously Zach has a plan as far as Project Orpheus goes. I didn't think he would be so robotic about jumping on the David bandwagon, so I'm glad to know that he's got something up his sleeve (or perhaps buried in all that hair).

I'd LOVE to see Sam Brady again! He was a nice guy and sexy to boot! I DO remember him dancing with Verla, and maybe they did take off together, but I remember Sam and Opal breaking up because he was falling in love with Jenny.

Is Cara pregnant with David's baby? She's checking her blood to see if the cancer came back, but with all the baby talk on David's part, I'm thinking she's pregnant. After all, women on soaps generally start feel symptoms such as fainting and/or morning sickness within about 6-12 hours of conception.

Robin "if that's the case, Cara is already overdue for pregnancy nausea" Coutellier

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