Sunday, July 31, 2011

BC - Tue-Thu, 7/26-28/11

This is ridiculous! Cervical cancer doesn't develop in a matter of 2-3 weeks after exposure to HPV! If Amanda has cervical cancer as a complication of the HPV virus, then she's had the virus for a very long time and there's no way she got it from JAR  unless she got it from one of their earlier go-arounds.  Which means Jake was also regularly exposed to it prior to her "slip-up" with JAR.

Angie sends Maya in to change the baby so that she can talk to Jesse. After a brief discussion between Jesse and Angie, Maya returns to the room and says that the baby has been changed, they had a little play time and now the baby is asleep. A "little" playtime?  How about a nanosecond? Unless the playtime consisted of the baby flinging her own poop around the room while she was being changed, there definitely wasn't any time for play. There wasn't even any time for proper diaper-changing.

How did Dixie's clothes get changed? She was wearing all gray; when she woke up, she was wearing all brown.

Why would Jack need TAD'S help to find a way to legally get into Oakhaven to see Erica? JACK is the lawyer!

I enjoyed all the repartee and in-jokes about show/character history that were being flung right and left at the Oakhaven

David has very good color for someone who just had, as Griff put it "invasive abdominal surgery".

Robin "will Dixie see Janet &  remember she killed Will?" Coutellier

Thursday, July 28, 2011

BC - Mon, 7/25/11

When Ryan told Kendall he wanted to talk to her about something and she asked what, did any of you think he was going to say "Amway!"?

Erica stabs David using a knife that she grabbed off the bar at ConFusion. Really? A.G.A.I.N? Sigh.  She really DOES need therapy to work out that deep-seated, repetitive need to stab people with the nearest sharp instrument. And why was there a knife on the bar? Haven't the workers of PV learned yet that it is NEVER a good idea to put knives within easy reach of patrons, especially patrons who may have been drinking? Erica hasn't been drinking, but then, she doesn't NEED to be drinking to lower her inhibitions when it comes to doing something over-the-top. So much for not being locked up.

Robin "Again" Coutellier

Saturday, July 23, 2011

BC - Fri, 7/22/11

Okay, there's no doubt whatsoever that David is in charge of whatever the hell it is he's in charge of that involves Ben who is beholden to (and ostensibly in love with) Jane, to whom David is ostensibly engaged. It's also crystal clear now that Dixie and Erica were both being guarded/tended to by Ben under David's direction.  I'm intrigued. What the HELL is David doing, what HAS he been doing, and what is he GOING to do? It's quite convoluted.

JAR trips over the chair AJ is sitting in (where's a 4th floor balcony when you need one?) and AJ barely glances in his direction, not even flinching. He does look upset in a frozen kind of way, though. I had to laugh when Bianca later made a reference to JAR going out a window. I really like how they are throwing us some show-history bones during these last days (just don't throw us FAKE bones).

Boy, that Ben is a real ROCK, isn't he? No really. I've seen rocks with more personality and animation.

When David, still reeling from the punch Jack delivered to his face, grabbed Erica and said she was his beautiful fiance, then kissed her, how many of you immediately FF'd in your own brain to Erica saying "F**K OFF, DAVID!"

When Erica subsequently bit David on the mouth and he yanked away, saying "WTH, you just BIT me!" I had my own little flashback to this morning when I said pretty much the same thing when one of our cats did the same thing to me as I was petting him (he bit me; I did not bite him). He's an instinctual biter down to his itty-bitty little kitty core.

Oh puh-leeze! Did you see Liza's fake tear-wiping? She pressed a square of whatever up to the corner of her eye and just held it there for effect. Press and HOLD ..2..3..4... Shades of Casey Anthony in front of the jury!

Jesse scoffs at Erica's story of being kidnapped by a crazed fan who became her doppelganger. This from the man who faked his own death, hid away for 20 years and who, mere months ago, accepted someone else's baby to switch with his own dead one since Angie had passed out and couldn't see anyway. Yet he is the soul of  skepticism over Erica's story. Okay, Erica's story IS pretty far-fetched (REALLY far-fetched), but not by Pine Valley standards. It's less far-fetched than her unaborted fetus showing up in town 30 years later; the unaborted fetus that was excised, transplanted and subsequently raised by a doctor who happened to be one of Erica's biggest fans, for that matter.

Robin "Erica has more f**ked up fans than Michael Jackson" Coutellier

Thursday, July 21, 2011

BC - Thu, 7/21/11

Oh no they DI-INT!  Cara said serving at Krystal's could be like CHEW and checkup.  More like BARF and checkup! Isn't it MORE than enough that The Chew is going to replace our beloved AMC? Do they have to remind us of that fact as a product placement of sorts WITHIN THE SHOW??? Assholes! Aisling, I saw the subject header of your post before seeing the show, but I hadn't read the post itself. As soon as I heard Cara say that, I guessed  that you had the same thought and that was what the post was about. I'm thinking thousands of people, if not millions, had the same thought, too! What a slap in the face to loyal fans!

Ha!  I was RIGHT about Dixie pounding on the walls where Erica is being held prisoner! COULD this have been David's plan all along? He didn't seem to know Jane, but he's such a master manipulator I wouldn't be surprised if he planted the idea in her brain in the first place, just so he could seduce her and gain power from her. Because he's THAT diabolical, THAT twisted, and THAT good.

How does Kendall carry a purse that big? Given her size and length, I'm surprised she didn't tip over. 

Oh, so now David is responsible for getting Cara the help she needed when she had leukeima when she was 8. The pies this man has had his fingers in know no bounds.  I mean, REALLY? How far is this going to go? Did he have anything to do with the Salk Vaccine, too? Is he going to cure AIDS before September 23?

Are we really supposed to believe that David and Greenlee are talking for an extended period of time and don't notice someone (Jane, albeit in scrubs and a mask) is standing 3-4 feet away, frozen in place, not doing anything at all, and quite obviously eavesdropping?  Seriously?

Will seeing JAR acting like such an asshole (even more than usual) while drunk be enough to make Asher see the error of his ways and try to stay on the straight and narrow?

Dixie is lurching around the park. Why would David and/or Jane be keeping human guinea pigs in or near the park? Shades of Dr. Madden being buried under a park bench (not to mention little Ellie somewhere nearby). My guess is that since they showed JAR with car keys and a flash of scotch, he's going to hit or nearly hit his mother as she lurches into the roadway.

Robin "they need to put a lifetime AND deathtime Lojack on Dixie" Coutellier

BC - Wed, 7/20/11

Tad said Dixie's father, Seabone Hunckle, just passed away. I could have Ihe died a long time ago.

Why would Seabone Hunckle have Dixie's childhood journal? He didn't live with Dixie, her mother and Will. He left them and started another family (hence Dell, (not to mention Di with yet another woman) -- Seabone got around. Dixie didn't spend her childhood with Seabone, so they are rewriting history unless Dixie entrusted her diary to him as an adult, which seems highly unlikely.

Isn't it a little late in the lifetime of the show for them to develop someone just BECOMING dependent upon alcohol and/or drugs (I'm talking about Asher). And what the hell IS Asher's real name, anyway? Are we ever going to find THAT out? Asher Pike sounds like a fish with a nasty cigarette habit.

Haven't we see Maria wear that dress before? Maybe she borrowed one of Krystal's dresses, given their shared affinity for really big implants. Maybe it's the only thing that would fit her.

Does anyone else cringe whenever JAR refers to eBabe as a lesbian? I don't mean that being a lesbian is cringeworthy, just that I'm not even remotely convinced yet that eBabe IS a lesbian. She seems to have fallen in love with Bianca, but that doesn't make her a lesbian. It's not like she's even had sex with her yet. She's barely kissed her, and those kisses were mega-awkward. I'm not a lesbian, but I bet I could put WAAAY more enthusiasm and realism into a woman-to-woman kiss than eBabe did. I mean, it's only kissing so far; it's another pair of lips. If you're going to do it, DO it. There just doesn't seem to be any underlying drive behind it, despite eBabe suddenly saying that she's been fighting it all along. No. She hasn't because there was nothing there to fight as far as libido goes. Nothing. Zilch. We've all put way more feeling into simply discussing the matter than eBabe has put into their entire relationship pre- and post-revelation.

Frankie called Caleb to discuss Asher's probable need for addiction counseling, despite Asher's resistance to any help. WTF? Unless Asher signed something saying it was okay for Frankie to talk to Caleb about his Asher's medical issues (and he may very well HAVE, considering Caleb has been there for him), Frankie has no right to call Caleb and tell him that Asher appears to be addicted to pain pills.

How many times now has Tad "made peace with Dixie's death"? She's like a life/death/life yo-yo or whack-a-mole.

Is David Canary coming back? I know there were rumors that he was ill and that's why he left the show. I ask because the photo they showed of him looks like it could be more recent. He looks older and softer in it than he did before.

So JAR's going to go out driving while drunk. Who's he going to hit? Maybe Dixie. He already accidentally shot her the LAST time she returned from the dead (although, to be fair, she was only PRETENDING to be dead that time). It would be a PV/Cooney tradition for him to now hit her with his car. Then again, he could hit Amanda. Again. Oooh, what if he hits AJ?

Robin "please, Please, PLEASE hit Ryan!" Coutellier

BC - Tue, 7/19/11

Maya keeps mentioning how Frankie's wife was able to get over losing her baby more quickly by taking care of another baby. Did Frankie ever mention that she found the other baby (Trevor) in an alley and decided to keep it without ever telling anyone in authority about it and acted like it was no big deal and he was a present to her from whatever higher powers that be? IOW, Randi lost touch with reality for a while there.

Every time Dixie comes back from the dead JAR is on a booze bender or an asshole bender (although it's hard to tell the latter from any other day in his life) or both.

Wait a second. Are they trying to hint that David rescued Zach from his plane crash and has HIM stashed away somewhere, too?

Brot said Maya was Hispanic. I didn't know that. I didn't really think about her ethnicity at all other than her not appearing to be black.

Presumably Dixie has been lying down for, what, 2-3 years now, maybe more? She sure has a lot of strength for someone who hasn't had any mobility for quite some time.

Robin "DAMN she has good genes" Coutellier

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

BC - Mon, 7/18/11

Maybe the pounding on the walls is from  Dixie and David DOES have Erica stashed away wherever he does his Project Orpheus stuff.

BZZZZT!  In the Erica montage they showed Erica holding Bianca after she was born, with Travis beaming on and Erica saying (or thinking) the name "Bianca Christine Montgomery"! WRONG! Erica and Travis couldn't DECIDE on a name for about a month or more. She and Travis were dining at Matt Connelly's new Oasis cafe. Erica was talking about the play The Taming Of The Shrew and Erica was explaining the role of Bianca (the sweet, lovable younger sister of Kate, the shrew) to Travis, and they realized that THAT was the perfect name for the baby. Christine was the name of Travis' presumed-dead (of course she wasn't, but that was a story for another day) baby sister. In any case, Bianca did not officially have a name until she was about a month old.

Robin "I agree with Seth Bookey - if you're going to do flashbacks, at least make them ACCURATE, not faked!" Coutellier

Monday, July 18, 2011

BC - Fri, 7/15/11

Whoa, did you get a look at those shiny high heels Maya wears to clean the house? Shades of June Cleaver!

Wow, little Lucy stopped crying quite abruptly from the time Jesse went to the door and the time he opened it. I know it's very hard for actors to work with unpredictable babies, but it was still kind of funny how quickly it happened :-)

While I don't buy JAR being broken-hearted and driven to drink by losing eBabe, I suppose I DO buy him being at least driven to drink by losing her to a WOMAN. As he said, he didn't see THAT coming!

Is it just me or has this been a REALLY long day in Pine Valley? It started when Kathy woke up Tad and eBabe woke up JAR. Amanda, dressed for clubbing and freshly coiffed, went to Fusion to drink (apparently the bar is wide open for the breakfast crowd), had a heart-to-heart with Opal, then went to the park. Jake found her at the park and she told him she had an STD and, BTW, she contracted it only 3 weeks ago. He forgave her and she ran off again, this time to have a drink at the bar at Krystal's where she runs into JAR and tells him that she told Jake about the sex and the STD. It's still bright and sunny outside.

Jake and Tad had a heart-to-heart about Amanda cheating on him, then Jake went home to tell Amanda he still wants to make their marriage work. In the meantime, Kendall and Griff have a date for dinner(?), even though it's bright and sunny out. Griff bails on her when she pries. They meet later in the park and then at her house, I think, or maybe the hospital, and they go to the park again. It's still bright and sunny outside.

After needling (so to speak) several people at work, David twirls his invisible mustache and goes to his hotel room to get ready for an important meeting with hospital board members, but Jane shows up at his door, with her eyes practically rolling up into the back of her head due to her NON-Libidozone-inspired uncontrollable lust for him. After trying to get rid of her, David relents and gives her a right good shagging. Ryan and Greenlee, in the meantime, compare notes and information about Project Orpheus and wonder about Erica's involvement with David. Greenlee goes to the Yacht Club and pulls the fire alarm so that David and "Erica" will run out of the room in a state of not quite dressed. It's still bright and sunny outside.

EBabe gets mad at JAR for not really thinking of all those great special things to do for her and give to her because it was really all Bianca's ideas. Scott comforts her. JAR fusses and fumes about Scott taking eBabe away from him.  He almost drinks some scotch, but AJ inspires him with his adorableness, so JAR pours the scotch into  a poor, innocent plant next to the front door (no one will ever notice that the front door area REEKS of alcohol). It's still bright and sunny outside.

JAR goes to the hospital to possibly go to an AA meeting. While there, he and Tad have a heart-to-heart, then JAR takes off, presumably to a meeting. EBabe meets Bianca either on the Chandler grounds or the park (it's unlcear) and tells her that she loves her, too; she kisses Bianca. Bianca says it won't work because eBabe is straight, not gay. It's still bright and sunny outside.

Heartbroken at Bianca's rejection, eBabe goes back to the mansion, gets consoled by Scott some more (who has figured out that Bianca told eBabe that she had a thing for her), and then tells JAR (who has returned home after speaking with Amanda at Krystal's) that she's in love with Bianca, who walks in on them, despite knowing darned well that they were going to have a very private conversation (so much for being a saint). It's still bright and sunny outside.

In the meantime, Opal has a heart-to-heart with Jack, feeding him all sorts of goodies from the over-laden coffee table in the Martin living room (because the builders forgot to make a kitchen or dining room when they built the house), Kendall calls "Erica" over to her house for an emergency having to do with the Miranda Center, and when Jane shows up, it turns out to be an intervention. David and Angie meet and agree that his treatment is working. It's still bright and sunny outside.

JAR pours himself yet another glass of scotch (he has an endless supply of scotch bottles at the house). This time he actually drinks it. The plant outside the front door is quite relieved, since it's still dizzy and slightly pukey from the first bottle he opened. Tad comes over and they have yet another heart-to-heart. Maya helps hide the scotch at JAR's behest, and then her abusive boyfriend comes in (he's working on rebuilding the gatehouse with Scott) and menaces her. JAR drinks some more and has a meltdown in front of Tad, telling him that his wife is a lesbian (no she's not). It's still bright and sunny outside.

Maya abandons her post, goes to the hospital, and tells Frankie she's ready for that babysitting job NOW. She goes over to the Hubbard's place where Jesse is having trouble coping with the fussy baby since the previous babysitter had abruptly quit. Jesse had previously had a heart-to-heart with Brot over Lucy's humble beginnings and how she ended up being his daughter. Angie and Frankie show up and Lucy settles right down in Maya's arms ('cause Maya is actually her birth mother, of course, unbeknownst to any of them). It's still bright and sunny outside.

Jane is dismissive of everyone at the intervention. Then David shows up and she tells them all that she loves him and they've been having sex. Jack, Opal and Greenlee storm out. Kendall and Bianca are hurt and horrified. Then David asks "Erica" to marry him. Jane has changed her clothes, but I don't think anyone else has. I'm pretty sure it's still bright and sunny outside.

Meanwhile, the real Erica is pouring her heart out in self-reflection, telling Ben about being raped at 14 and giving birth to Kendall. She remembers how badly she treated Mona and deeply regrets it, realizing how much her mother truly loved her and only wanted what was best for her (as opposed to THE BEST). She realizes that the revolving door of men in her life was really about her quest to find a kind and protective father figure, not one who allows her to be raped by a child-molester. And then things started bumping against the walls outside of Erica's dungeon and Ben went to investigate, all the while assuring her that it was nothing.  Presumably it's still bright and sunny outside.

Robin "and the day's not over yet" Coutellier

BC - Thu, 7/14/11

Kendall tells Griff that he can tell her ANYTHING; he doesn't have to hide anything from her. Oh yeah? After SAVING YOUR LIFE (multiple times), not to mention keeping you from killing David, he told you he was stealing drugs from the hospital to give to poor countries and you turned him over to the police in a nanosecond the moment you thought you would benefit from it (by getting info about Zach's death). I wouldn't tell her any secrets, either. She's the most compulsive blabbermouth in PV!

Okay, even though I don't buy eBabe deciding/realizing she's in love with Bianca, it WAS gratifying to see JAR thrown for a loop by it. How can he POSSIBLY compete with THAT? He only knows how to compete with other men. Plus he's an ASSHOLE (have I ever mentioned that I think JAR is an asshole? I believe I have, but I digress), and Bianca is somewhat of a saint. Watching JAR squirm over the situation was downright DELICIOUS! I do, however, hear the vague rustlings of yet another custody battle looming. OTOH, do they REALLY want to leave us with yet another trite custody battle over a child who has already been fought over on numerous occasions, not to mention been kidnapped many times over?

Speaking of kidnappings, Lucy hasn't been kidnapped yet and she's already several months old; they'd better get cracking on THAT one. I'm guessing Maya's boyfriend will figure into it.

Robin "being left in the backseat of a police car & subsequently being raised by someone else doesn't count as kidnapping" Coutellier

BC - Wed, 7/13/11

AMC has gone down this maybe-I'm-gay-and-maybe-I'm-not-gay road before. Way back in the 1970s Devon McFadden was so shattered by the betrayal of the men in her life (and the mess she made of her own life in the process) that she turned to her good friend, Lynn, played by Donna Pescow. Lynn was a lesbian and Devon decided she should probably be one, too, since she liked Lynn so much and men were all pigs. She tried to kiss Lynn. Lynn let her know that it didn't work like that. You don't just "decide" to become gay because it makes more sense to you when things go wrong in a hetero relationship. I hope that in the show's finale Bianca meets eyes with someone wonderful and they smile brilliantly at each other, knowing in their hearts that they've just met "the one". Is that so much to ask? Maybe Lena will come back to whisk her away.

I don't buy that JAR is brokenhearted over eBabe and driven to drink by said heartbreak and disappointment; frustrated, yeah, but he NEVER gives in that easily, so why start drinking over it now? He doesn't even know yet that eBabe has fallen in love with Bianca, he just thinks Scott is getting in the way.

Wow, Tad really HAS turned into Joe when it comes to the fatherly advice role.

Robin "he even invokes Joe's holy name in homage" Coutellier

BC - Tue, 7/12/11

Why would a seascape remind little Bianca of a Pine Valley? Miller's Pond, maybe, but a SEASCAPE? Having ocean scenes, although annoying, is still amusing, but to have Stuart give a seascape painting to little Bianca to remind her of her home in Pine Valley while she's living in Washington is just plain insulting to the viewers.

It's nice to see Amanda take time out of her angst over an STD and the impending doom of her marriage to get a nice haircut in the middle of the night.

If Amanda is trying to avoid sex with Jake or anyone else, why is she dressed in a braless, low-cut, spray-on top with matching spray-on pants? She looks like she's about to go out clubbing. And what was with that scene with the guy at the bar. I couldn't tell if she was deliberately trying to put him off or reel him in. Are we supposed to see it as reverting to old habits during stressful times, but then thinking twice about it? Did she just not want to be bothered? It didn't really come off either way. She DID show him her wedding beringed finger. He didn't seem to care, and then she knocked a vase or something, consequently spilling water all over him, thus driving him away. It was hard to tell if she was just bumbling or being a bitch or being a cock-tease. I don't get it. It was enough to reel OPAL over to her, though, which may have been the whole point.

Didn't JAR get Hepatitis C during that whole Richie-steals-JAR's-bone-marrow storyline? Amanda's right; he SHOULD be carrying condoms at all times and USING them!

Hey JAR, here's an idea to pass the time: GO TO WORK!

They actually WENT there? Marissa is NOT gay, so why is she kissing Bianca (and doing a really bad job of it, at that)?

Robin "JAR is NOT going to take this very well" Coutellier

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

BC - Mon, 7/11/11

Amanda probably got the HPV from Jake. I thought it was particularly hypocritical of Amanda to tell JAR that from now one he should carry a condom and USE it! Pot. Kettle.

Oh come ON, Griff; just give it up and CRY already!

How many times are they going to zoom in on Griff's Project Orpheus badge? We G.E.T. it! Griff has a PO badge. Ryan didn't see it, so .... what?

Robin "each time they do that I become less interested in it" Coutellier

Saturday, July 9, 2011

BC - Fri, 7/8/11

After David told Jane all that stuff about what a close connection they have and ended by saying he thinks he's falling in love with her, how many of you flashed to the scene in the tunnel in the Blues Brothers where John Belushi's character sweet-talks Carrie Fisher's character? As soon as David knew he had gotten to Jane, I expected him to drop her on the floor like a sack of potatoes.  I hope he realizes that Jane IS fully capable of whipping out a bazooka and using it.

Project Orpheus? That sounds a little like Proteus. I do SO hope Vanessa comes back!

LOL! How many of you immediately did what Ryan did when you heard "Orpheus"? I know I immediately went to Wikipedia for a quick synopsis ( Here's a couple of paragraphs:

"Greeks of the Classical age venerated Orpheus as the greatest of all poets and musicians: it was said that while Hermes had invented the lyre, Orpheus perfected it. Poets such as Simonides of Ceos said that Orpheus' music and singing could charm the birds, fish and wild beasts, coax the trees and rocks into dance, and divert the course of rivers. He was one of the handful of Greek heroes to visit the Underworld and return; his music and song even had power over Hades.

Some sources credit Orpheus with further gifts to mankind: medicine, which is more usually under the aegis of Aesculapius; writing, which is usually credited to Cadmus and agriculture, where Orpheus assumes the Eleusinian role of Triptolemus, giver of Demeter's knowledge to mankind. Orpheus was an augur and seer; practiced magical arts, especially astrology, founded cults to Apollo and Dionysus and prescribed the mystery rites preserved in Orphic texts. In addition, Pindar and Apollonius of Rhodes place Orpheus as the harpist and companion of Jason and the Argonauts. Orpheus had a brother named Linus who went to Thebes and became a Theban."

I'm particularly interested in the part about the brother named Linus who went to Thebes and became a Theban. Is Thebes anything like Las Vegas?

Now Amanda has an std (HPV). It's about TIME someone in PV got one. I expected Tad The Cad to get all kinds of STDs way back in the day.

Jane begs Jack to make love to her. She's had a taste of David and now she wants more sex, but David artfully kicked her out. Jack had BETTER be able to tell that that is not Erica! One night of sex may pop a 63-yr-old cherry, but it hardly makes up for a lifetime of virginity when it comes to experience and, um, elasticity.

Robin "Erica Kane: Sex Addict" Coutellier

BC - Thu, 7/7/11

Hm, that's a new exterior shot of the pool area at the Chandler estate. It looks somewhat LAish, though, to the point that my first thought was Beverly Hills 90210.

Amanda is supposed to be the head of PR for Chandler. Doesn't she have a staff to oversee? The only staffs she oversees are either Jake's or JAR's. BRRRUMPT-TING!

Robin "still stunned over the Casey Anthony verdict; the bitch WALKS!" Coutellier

BC - Tue, 7/5/11

Re Monday's show (4th of July), how many of you started watching it and thought that they actually WERE going to make it all (or at least some of it) a dream when they saw Zach kissing Kendall awake? What a letdown to realize it was merely a rerun.

How much fun did Susan Lucci have telling herself as a doppelganger that her feet were too big and her fingers were too fat?

Well THAT was an undignified angle for the camera to be closing in on. I'm referring to Jane unconscious on the floor, her legs somewhat spread and bent while wearing a pair of white pants as the camera panned in closer and closer, starting near her feet and somewhat off to the right. Susan Lucci looks good from any angle, but that was ... icky!

Robin "can a crotch-cam be far behind (so to speak)?" Coutellier

Monday, July 4, 2011

Madison's New Look, 7/1/11

I mentioned in the Boogie Chillen for Friday that the whites of Madison's eyes looked black at the beginning of the episode, but she must have bleached them by the end of it. Here's a comparison shot from when she walked into the Fusion office and when she was sitting at the ConFusion bar downstairs talking to David. Obviously, along with all the other deficiencies of the Fusion office, they have bad lighting, and she WAS looking hard to the side at ConFusion, which would show more white. I know it was part of the "dark" effect, but really, all I could think about was how irritated her eyes must have been to look so murky.

I just had a flash of memory from waaay back. I remember reading an interview once with John Ashton, who played Gomez Addams on 1960s The Addams Family TV show. He said that he wore special contacts/eyeball covers to make his eyes look bugged out on the show. I think that was vaguely in my mind when I saw how dark the whites of Madison's eyes were.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

BC - Fri, 7/1/11

The bottoms of Erica's shoes are kind of dirty for just walking around her carpeted room & bathroom. Did Jane get them from Erica's closet or are they Jane's castoffs? Jane's already wearing last season's shoes while pretending to be Erica, so I can only imagine Erica's humiliation at wearing Jane's castoffs, even though Ben is the only one who sees her.

That crystal chandelier above/near Erica's bed looks like it could be useful for smashing into something, if only for the satisfaction of breaking it.

What did Madison do, put on black contacts that cover all of the whites of her eyes? She definitely looks like someone who would shoot Greenlee. I hope that suit of armor Greenlee has is bulletproof. My guess is that it WILL come into play in that respect and that Madison will somehow get hold of Ryan's gun that they so carefully tried to fool us with on his wedding day.

That medieval photo session with Ryan and Greenlee was the most animated I've seen them in a long time - maybe YEARS. I actually did NOT FF through it and kind of liked it, probably because it looked like they were genuinely having fun. They're probably relieved they can move on to something else soon, so they can relax - it's not like they are going to get fired at this point for not being overly soapy.

I think I'm jaded by short-timer's attitude at this point. There was a commercial on Soapnet about going there to keep tabs on who's coming and who's going. WTF? They're ALL going!

So Madison's new campaign is Angry, Harsh, Spiteful, Hateful, Man-Hating Bitch? Ooookaaay. Well, at least she bleached the black out of the whites of her eyes. That had to sting.

Every time I see Madison now I think of the evil uber-bitch, Katinka, in Zoolander. How long will it be before she accuses someone of wearing K-Mart clothes?

Why did Jane pass out? The only thing she hit on the way down was her hand, and that was on a lightweight piece of plastic.

Robin "that was HILARIOUS!  " Coutellier

Saturday, July 2, 2011

BC - Tue-Thu, 6/28-30/11

For those following the Casey Anthony trial, I just realized that Jose Baez sounds a LOT like Jake!  It makes me dislike BOTH of them even more than before.

When Griff said he was leaving PV, my response was "Isn't everyone?"

Griff's taking off with virtually NO notice? Well, THAT came out of nowhere. We know he's wanted to leave for a long time, but when he DOES, you'd think he'd give more than a few minutes noticed.

Does it seem to anyone else like they are already wrapping things up? I'm seeing:
  • Griff saying goodbye to everyone.
  • Cara and Tad going on a real date.
  • Ryan and Greenlee getting close again. In fact, Tad officiates yet another wedding for them. I'm so ... underwhelmed.
  • JAR and Marissa getting back together.
  • Lots of flashbacks are occurring.
  • Madison suddenly has a new attitude and is striving for a new look.
Why does everyone think Cara's going to be just fine? Don't Mexican druglords still have a bounty on her? What, like no one from Mexico ever crossed the border? Griff "knows" she's going to be okay. She and Tad will probably decide they have a real marriage, Dixie will come back, and Cara will be assassinated by a hitman (or hitwoman).

It's all a little too pat for me. In fact, it's downright creepy! Loose ends are being tied up right an left. Are actors being dropped or jumping ship or both? Is the show even going to be BACK after the 4th of July?

 Okay I DID laugh when Kendall burst into Ryan's living room and Tad announced: "Stripper's here."

I'm sorry -- I can never see Greenlee's belly without remembering that poem she had written on it for Aidan.

Why is Madison doing all that makeup in the office? Don't they have a lab or ladies room or something like that in the building?

Why doesn't anyone tell Angie how dull and unflattering that blouse is?

Amanda said she and JAR didn't use protection (told ya) and now she might be pregnant. Most women in PV start getting morning sickness and/or start fainting within a day or two of conception.

Jane is a VIRGIN? I'm pretty sure Jack would have noticed THAT had she given him an opportunity to deflower her.

Robin "hey Mary, Mookie got a shoutout!" Coutellier