Wednesday, July 20, 2011

BC - Mon, 7/18/11

Maybe the pounding on the walls is from  Dixie and David DOES have Erica stashed away wherever he does his Project Orpheus stuff.

BZZZZT!  In the Erica montage they showed Erica holding Bianca after she was born, with Travis beaming on and Erica saying (or thinking) the name "Bianca Christine Montgomery"! WRONG! Erica and Travis couldn't DECIDE on a name for about a month or more. She and Travis were dining at Matt Connelly's new Oasis cafe. Erica was talking about the play The Taming Of The Shrew and Erica was explaining the role of Bianca (the sweet, lovable younger sister of Kate, the shrew) to Travis, and they realized that THAT was the perfect name for the baby. Christine was the name of Travis' presumed-dead (of course she wasn't, but that was a story for another day) baby sister. In any case, Bianca did not officially have a name until she was about a month old.

Robin "I agree with Seth Bookey - if you're going to do flashbacks, at least make them ACCURATE, not faked!" Coutellier

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