Monday, July 18, 2011

BC - Thu, 7/14/11

Kendall tells Griff that he can tell her ANYTHING; he doesn't have to hide anything from her. Oh yeah? After SAVING YOUR LIFE (multiple times), not to mention keeping you from killing David, he told you he was stealing drugs from the hospital to give to poor countries and you turned him over to the police in a nanosecond the moment you thought you would benefit from it (by getting info about Zach's death). I wouldn't tell her any secrets, either. She's the most compulsive blabbermouth in PV!

Okay, even though I don't buy eBabe deciding/realizing she's in love with Bianca, it WAS gratifying to see JAR thrown for a loop by it. How can he POSSIBLY compete with THAT? He only knows how to compete with other men. Plus he's an ASSHOLE (have I ever mentioned that I think JAR is an asshole? I believe I have, but I digress), and Bianca is somewhat of a saint. Watching JAR squirm over the situation was downright DELICIOUS! I do, however, hear the vague rustlings of yet another custody battle looming. OTOH, do they REALLY want to leave us with yet another trite custody battle over a child who has already been fought over on numerous occasions, not to mention been kidnapped many times over?

Speaking of kidnappings, Lucy hasn't been kidnapped yet and she's already several months old; they'd better get cracking on THAT one. I'm guessing Maya's boyfriend will figure into it.

Robin "being left in the backseat of a police car & subsequently being raised by someone else doesn't count as kidnapping" Coutellier

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