Monday, July 18, 2011

BC - Wed, 7/13/11

AMC has gone down this maybe-I'm-gay-and-maybe-I'm-not-gay road before. Way back in the 1970s Devon McFadden was so shattered by the betrayal of the men in her life (and the mess she made of her own life in the process) that she turned to her good friend, Lynn, played by Donna Pescow. Lynn was a lesbian and Devon decided she should probably be one, too, since she liked Lynn so much and men were all pigs. She tried to kiss Lynn. Lynn let her know that it didn't work like that. You don't just "decide" to become gay because it makes more sense to you when things go wrong in a hetero relationship. I hope that in the show's finale Bianca meets eyes with someone wonderful and they smile brilliantly at each other, knowing in their hearts that they've just met "the one". Is that so much to ask? Maybe Lena will come back to whisk her away.

I don't buy that JAR is brokenhearted over eBabe and driven to drink by said heartbreak and disappointment; frustrated, yeah, but he NEVER gives in that easily, so why start drinking over it now? He doesn't even know yet that eBabe has fallen in love with Bianca, he just thinks Scott is getting in the way.

Wow, Tad really HAS turned into Joe when it comes to the fatherly advice role.

Robin "he even invokes Joe's holy name in homage" Coutellier

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