Saturday, July 23, 2011

BC - Fri, 7/22/11

Okay, there's no doubt whatsoever that David is in charge of whatever the hell it is he's in charge of that involves Ben who is beholden to (and ostensibly in love with) Jane, to whom David is ostensibly engaged. It's also crystal clear now that Dixie and Erica were both being guarded/tended to by Ben under David's direction.  I'm intrigued. What the HELL is David doing, what HAS he been doing, and what is he GOING to do? It's quite convoluted.

JAR trips over the chair AJ is sitting in (where's a 4th floor balcony when you need one?) and AJ barely glances in his direction, not even flinching. He does look upset in a frozen kind of way, though. I had to laugh when Bianca later made a reference to JAR going out a window. I really like how they are throwing us some show-history bones during these last days (just don't throw us FAKE bones).

Boy, that Ben is a real ROCK, isn't he? No really. I've seen rocks with more personality and animation.

When David, still reeling from the punch Jack delivered to his face, grabbed Erica and said she was his beautiful fiance, then kissed her, how many of you immediately FF'd in your own brain to Erica saying "F**K OFF, DAVID!"

When Erica subsequently bit David on the mouth and he yanked away, saying "WTH, you just BIT me!" I had my own little flashback to this morning when I said pretty much the same thing when one of our cats did the same thing to me as I was petting him (he bit me; I did not bite him). He's an instinctual biter down to his itty-bitty little kitty core.

Oh puh-leeze! Did you see Liza's fake tear-wiping? She pressed a square of whatever up to the corner of her eye and just held it there for effect. Press and HOLD ..2..3..4... Shades of Casey Anthony in front of the jury!

Jesse scoffs at Erica's story of being kidnapped by a crazed fan who became her doppelganger. This from the man who faked his own death, hid away for 20 years and who, mere months ago, accepted someone else's baby to switch with his own dead one since Angie had passed out and couldn't see anyway. Yet he is the soul of  skepticism over Erica's story. Okay, Erica's story IS pretty far-fetched (REALLY far-fetched), but not by Pine Valley standards. It's less far-fetched than her unaborted fetus showing up in town 30 years later; the unaborted fetus that was excised, transplanted and subsequently raised by a doctor who happened to be one of Erica's biggest fans, for that matter.

Robin "Erica has more f**ked up fans than Michael Jackson" Coutellier

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