Sunday, July 31, 2011

BC - Tue-Thu, 7/26-28/11

This is ridiculous! Cervical cancer doesn't develop in a matter of 2-3 weeks after exposure to HPV! If Amanda has cervical cancer as a complication of the HPV virus, then she's had the virus for a very long time and there's no way she got it from JAR  unless she got it from one of their earlier go-arounds.  Which means Jake was also regularly exposed to it prior to her "slip-up" with JAR.

Angie sends Maya in to change the baby so that she can talk to Jesse. After a brief discussion between Jesse and Angie, Maya returns to the room and says that the baby has been changed, they had a little play time and now the baby is asleep. A "little" playtime?  How about a nanosecond? Unless the playtime consisted of the baby flinging her own poop around the room while she was being changed, there definitely wasn't any time for play. There wasn't even any time for proper diaper-changing.

How did Dixie's clothes get changed? She was wearing all gray; when she woke up, she was wearing all brown.

Why would Jack need TAD'S help to find a way to legally get into Oakhaven to see Erica? JACK is the lawyer!

I enjoyed all the repartee and in-jokes about show/character history that were being flung right and left at the Oakhaven

David has very good color for someone who just had, as Griff put it "invasive abdominal surgery".

Robin "will Dixie see Janet &  remember she killed Will?" Coutellier

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