Monday, July 4, 2011

Madison's New Look, 7/1/11

I mentioned in the Boogie Chillen for Friday that the whites of Madison's eyes looked black at the beginning of the episode, but she must have bleached them by the end of it. Here's a comparison shot from when she walked into the Fusion office and when she was sitting at the ConFusion bar downstairs talking to David. Obviously, along with all the other deficiencies of the Fusion office, they have bad lighting, and she WAS looking hard to the side at ConFusion, which would show more white. I know it was part of the "dark" effect, but really, all I could think about was how irritated her eyes must have been to look so murky.

I just had a flash of memory from waaay back. I remember reading an interview once with John Ashton, who played Gomez Addams on 1960s The Addams Family TV show. He said that he wore special contacts/eyeball covers to make his eyes look bugged out on the show. I think that was vaguely in my mind when I saw how dark the whites of Madison's eyes were.

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