Thursday, July 21, 2011

BC - Thu, 7/21/11

Oh no they DI-INT!  Cara said serving at Krystal's could be like CHEW and checkup.  More like BARF and checkup! Isn't it MORE than enough that The Chew is going to replace our beloved AMC? Do they have to remind us of that fact as a product placement of sorts WITHIN THE SHOW??? Assholes! Aisling, I saw the subject header of your post before seeing the show, but I hadn't read the post itself. As soon as I heard Cara say that, I guessed  that you had the same thought and that was what the post was about. I'm thinking thousands of people, if not millions, had the same thought, too! What a slap in the face to loyal fans!

Ha!  I was RIGHT about Dixie pounding on the walls where Erica is being held prisoner! COULD this have been David's plan all along? He didn't seem to know Jane, but he's such a master manipulator I wouldn't be surprised if he planted the idea in her brain in the first place, just so he could seduce her and gain power from her. Because he's THAT diabolical, THAT twisted, and THAT good.

How does Kendall carry a purse that big? Given her size and length, I'm surprised she didn't tip over. 

Oh, so now David is responsible for getting Cara the help she needed when she had leukeima when she was 8. The pies this man has had his fingers in know no bounds.  I mean, REALLY? How far is this going to go? Did he have anything to do with the Salk Vaccine, too? Is he going to cure AIDS before September 23?

Are we really supposed to believe that David and Greenlee are talking for an extended period of time and don't notice someone (Jane, albeit in scrubs and a mask) is standing 3-4 feet away, frozen in place, not doing anything at all, and quite obviously eavesdropping?  Seriously?

Will seeing JAR acting like such an asshole (even more than usual) while drunk be enough to make Asher see the error of his ways and try to stay on the straight and narrow?

Dixie is lurching around the park. Why would David and/or Jane be keeping human guinea pigs in or near the park? Shades of Dr. Madden being buried under a park bench (not to mention little Ellie somewhere nearby). My guess is that since they showed JAR with car keys and a flash of scotch, he's going to hit or nearly hit his mother as she lurches into the roadway.

Robin "they need to put a lifetime AND deathtime Lojack on Dixie" Coutellier

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