Saturday, July 2, 2011

BC - Tue-Thu, 6/28-30/11

For those following the Casey Anthony trial, I just realized that Jose Baez sounds a LOT like Jake!  It makes me dislike BOTH of them even more than before.

When Griff said he was leaving PV, my response was "Isn't everyone?"

Griff's taking off with virtually NO notice? Well, THAT came out of nowhere. We know he's wanted to leave for a long time, but when he DOES, you'd think he'd give more than a few minutes noticed.

Does it seem to anyone else like they are already wrapping things up? I'm seeing:
  • Griff saying goodbye to everyone.
  • Cara and Tad going on a real date.
  • Ryan and Greenlee getting close again. In fact, Tad officiates yet another wedding for them. I'm so ... underwhelmed.
  • JAR and Marissa getting back together.
  • Lots of flashbacks are occurring.
  • Madison suddenly has a new attitude and is striving for a new look.
Why does everyone think Cara's going to be just fine? Don't Mexican druglords still have a bounty on her? What, like no one from Mexico ever crossed the border? Griff "knows" she's going to be okay. She and Tad will probably decide they have a real marriage, Dixie will come back, and Cara will be assassinated by a hitman (or hitwoman).

It's all a little too pat for me. In fact, it's downright creepy! Loose ends are being tied up right an left. Are actors being dropped or jumping ship or both? Is the show even going to be BACK after the 4th of July?

 Okay I DID laugh when Kendall burst into Ryan's living room and Tad announced: "Stripper's here."

I'm sorry -- I can never see Greenlee's belly without remembering that poem she had written on it for Aidan.

Why is Madison doing all that makeup in the office? Don't they have a lab or ladies room or something like that in the building?

Why doesn't anyone tell Angie how dull and unflattering that blouse is?

Amanda said she and JAR didn't use protection (told ya) and now she might be pregnant. Most women in PV start getting morning sickness and/or start fainting within a day or two of conception.

Jane is a VIRGIN? I'm pretty sure Jack would have noticed THAT had she given him an opportunity to deflower her.

Robin "hey Mary, Mookie got a shoutout!" Coutellier

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