Saturday, July 9, 2011

BC - Tue, 7/5/11

Re Monday's show (4th of July), how many of you started watching it and thought that they actually WERE going to make it all (or at least some of it) a dream when they saw Zach kissing Kendall awake? What a letdown to realize it was merely a rerun.

How much fun did Susan Lucci have telling herself as a doppelganger that her feet were too big and her fingers were too fat?

Well THAT was an undignified angle for the camera to be closing in on. I'm referring to Jane unconscious on the floor, her legs somewhat spread and bent while wearing a pair of white pants as the camera panned in closer and closer, starting near her feet and somewhat off to the right. Susan Lucci looks good from any angle, but that was ... icky!

Robin "can a crotch-cam be far behind (so to speak)?" Coutellier

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