Sunday, July 3, 2011

BC - Fri, 7/1/11

The bottoms of Erica's shoes are kind of dirty for just walking around her carpeted room & bathroom. Did Jane get them from Erica's closet or are they Jane's castoffs? Jane's already wearing last season's shoes while pretending to be Erica, so I can only imagine Erica's humiliation at wearing Jane's castoffs, even though Ben is the only one who sees her.

That crystal chandelier above/near Erica's bed looks like it could be useful for smashing into something, if only for the satisfaction of breaking it.

What did Madison do, put on black contacts that cover all of the whites of her eyes? She definitely looks like someone who would shoot Greenlee. I hope that suit of armor Greenlee has is bulletproof. My guess is that it WILL come into play in that respect and that Madison will somehow get hold of Ryan's gun that they so carefully tried to fool us with on his wedding day.

That medieval photo session with Ryan and Greenlee was the most animated I've seen them in a long time - maybe YEARS. I actually did NOT FF through it and kind of liked it, probably because it looked like they were genuinely having fun. They're probably relieved they can move on to something else soon, so they can relax - it's not like they are going to get fired at this point for not being overly soapy.

I think I'm jaded by short-timer's attitude at this point. There was a commercial on Soapnet about going there to keep tabs on who's coming and who's going. WTF? They're ALL going!

So Madison's new campaign is Angry, Harsh, Spiteful, Hateful, Man-Hating Bitch? Ooookaaay. Well, at least she bleached the black out of the whites of her eyes. That had to sting.

Every time I see Madison now I think of the evil uber-bitch, Katinka, in Zoolander. How long will it be before she accuses someone of wearing K-Mart clothes?

Why did Jane pass out? The only thing she hit on the way down was her hand, and that was on a lightweight piece of plastic.

Robin "that was HILARIOUS!  " Coutellier

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