Monday, July 18, 2011

BC - Tue, 7/12/11

Why would a seascape remind little Bianca of a Pine Valley? Miller's Pond, maybe, but a SEASCAPE? Having ocean scenes, although annoying, is still amusing, but to have Stuart give a seascape painting to little Bianca to remind her of her home in Pine Valley while she's living in Washington is just plain insulting to the viewers.

It's nice to see Amanda take time out of her angst over an STD and the impending doom of her marriage to get a nice haircut in the middle of the night.

If Amanda is trying to avoid sex with Jake or anyone else, why is she dressed in a braless, low-cut, spray-on top with matching spray-on pants? She looks like she's about to go out clubbing. And what was with that scene with the guy at the bar. I couldn't tell if she was deliberately trying to put him off or reel him in. Are we supposed to see it as reverting to old habits during stressful times, but then thinking twice about it? Did she just not want to be bothered? It didn't really come off either way. She DID show him her wedding beringed finger. He didn't seem to care, and then she knocked a vase or something, consequently spilling water all over him, thus driving him away. It was hard to tell if she was just bumbling or being a bitch or being a cock-tease. I don't get it. It was enough to reel OPAL over to her, though, which may have been the whole point.

Didn't JAR get Hepatitis C during that whole Richie-steals-JAR's-bone-marrow storyline? Amanda's right; he SHOULD be carrying condoms at all times and USING them!

Hey JAR, here's an idea to pass the time: GO TO WORK!

They actually WENT there? Marissa is NOT gay, so why is she kissing Bianca (and doing a really bad job of it, at that)?

Robin "JAR is NOT going to take this very well" Coutellier

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