Friday, January 29, 2010

BC - Thu-Fri, 1/21-22/10

Oh please -- who drops their clothes on the floor as they come off with the clothes in the shape of a person? First there's Ryan's shirt, then his pants, then his socks, all lined up the way they would be ON him (okay, so the shirt was twisted somewhat).

I had to bust out laughing when Liza started stripping for Tad. It's probably already been mentioned, but it cracked me up because of the animation on Youtube that was done after Liza came to town and had sex with Zach on a gaming table at the casino. I THOUGHT that was a Pratt Falls episode, but it might have been a different, similar spoof. I find it hard to believe that that little stripping dance done in the animation wasn't at least partly an inspiration for THIS scene, especially since Liza got stuck in her blouse and couldn't get her hands out of the ends of the sleeves.

I loved the look on Erica's face when Opal told her that she's keeping her feelings all bottled up like a can of GRANNY'S PRESERVES! What was even funnier was that Susan Lucci couldn't quite make the face she WANTED to make because ... well ... Granny IS preserved.

Ryan tells Madison that they started Fusion by experimenting with lipgloss in the kitchen. Get your facts straight, Ryan/writers -- they were experimenting by making LIPSTICK.

I LOVED it when Tad went into the hallway and Liza asked him what took him so long. He said: "Well, I'm a little slow, all right? My BRAIN is engorged." ROTFLMAO! We all know which brain HE was talking about!

Robin "I'm enjoying their sexy silliness, though" Coutellier

Thursday, January 28, 2010

BC - Wed, 1/20/10

Tad and Liza decide it would be a good idea to go to his house to continue their date. Really? With his ex-wife AND children there he thinks it's a good idea to bring Liza there for sex? All things considered BOTH of them could easily afford a hotel room for that and avoid complications. But what am I saying? This is a soap. There IS no soap without "complications".

David should REALLY know better than not to wear a mouthguard (a helmet and a protective cup would not be unwarranted, either) when he makes his little visits to ANY member of the Martin clan.

How would the cops know the code to the alarm at David's house?

Tad asks Krystal to go find Amanda and tell her that Jake is there and that everything will be all right. "Go FIND Amanda"? How about just CALL her? She's frantic about Jake's whereabouts, after all.

Why does Tad think that Jake wants to use the threat of a trial to drive David out of Pine Valley? David doesn't DO shame. He does ANGER.

I just now realized that eBabe is taller than JAR.

Don't people in PV find it unsettling that the police keep meeting up and hanging out at a BAR? They should utilize the BJ's set or create a new one. ConFusion may serve food, but it is first and foremost a BAR. There's an empty martini glass and a nearly empty glass of some unidentified liquid sitting at the corner of the bar where the police are congregating. The bartender is taking OTHER glasses away, but not them. If I were there in the bar, I would deduce that the cops had been drinking.

Robin "not that I would hang out at ConFusion in the first place" Coutellier

BC - Tue, 1/19/10

When the show opened and Erica busied herself bending over some files, Ryan walked behind her and admired her ass. How many of you said: "OMG, he's going to butt-f**k her? Too far? Come on, you KNOW some of you were thinking EXACTLY that ;-)

Are we ever going to see Dr. Bender? He's paged CONSTANTLY at PVH.

If Ryan wants "no games", neither Erica NOR Greenlee is the woman for him.

eBabe asks David WHY he lied about being sick and dying. He gives some reasons, but then says that the reasons don't really matter -- what matters is that he lied to her. I beg to differ -- reasons as to why he lied matter a LOT. If he lied to PROTECT eBabe from something, for instance, that might be forgivable. If he lied so he could go away and stop being such an asshole to everyone he meets, that might be forgivable. But he lied in order to trick a woman into doing all KINDS of things, binding her to him and keeping her from the man she TRULY loves, and to keep a baby that the KNEW was not his. THAT is not forgivable.

In this case, I think Jake punching David out was ENTIRELY justified.

Robin "too bad he missed his nuts, although he TRIED" Coutellier

Monday, January 25, 2010

BC - Mon, 1/18/10

This INSTANT redeeming of Madison is a little hard to swallow. Oh, I buy that she's TRYING to change, but people do not change like that overnight. I also find it annoying that AMC fell back on the tried and true method of redemption by violence towards a woman, be it rape, beating, attempted murder or all three. Yes, Madison WAS starting to see the light before it came out that her father was beating her, but he was beating her all along, we just didn't KNOW about it.

I cracked up when Erica earnestly told Ryan that women wipe their makeup off at the end of the day and just wash it down the sink. OH PUH-LEEZE! Have we EVER seen Erica take her makeup off? Have we ever seen ANY woman on a soap take her makeup off to go to bed? No, the only time they do that is when somone is near DEATH after surgery, and even then, they often look more than a little made up. Greenlee's been wearing full makeup and she's been in a COMA for almost a YEAR! Skye looked FABULOUS while in a coma. The one she was in when she first came back to town via Dr. Kinder, that is. She's been in other comas.

Jake had some nerve telling JAR how nasty he was to Amanda when Amanda tried to get him to think the baby was his! Excuse me? This from the man was nasty to her and who called her a whore for no reason WHATSOEVER after he dumped her for Taylor? STFU, Jake! I can accept this great love he and Amanda have for each other now, but they shouldn't pretend that Jake was always a good guy with her because he WASN'T.

Robin "fans have LONG memories" Coutellier

Monday, January 18, 2010

BC - Mon-Thu, 1/11-14/10

Who's been dying Greenlee's hair while she was in a coma? It's considerably darker than it was before. Maybe we can chalk it up to the effects of the coma.

I'm pretty sure that when you are put under general anesthesia you do NOT dream. I know *I* never did. One second you're counting backwards and the next it's LIGHTS OUT. Makeup on the patient is usually considered taboo in surgery, too.

It's 8:30 am and Amanda and Jake are still asleep? Now you KNOW it's a soap, because there's no WAY Trevor slept that long. NO. WAY.

It always cracked me up that Fusion has posters of the main players on their walls all the time, but it PARTICULARLY cracks me up that they are now ALL of Erica. Not only that, but they are all the SAME poster of Erica. It's like she's Saddam Hussein or something, requiring monuments and images in her likeness everywhere she turns -- or ELSE. Do you think that if Randi gets pissed off enough about not being made Erica's assistant assistant she'll take off a stiletto heel and hammer on one of the posters with it?

To check to see if Greenlee feels anything after the surgery, David sticks a SAFETY PIN into her foot (not puncturing, but enough to hurt a feeling person). What, he doesn't have any sharp medical instrument he could use? Given the type of surgery she had, you would think they would have something there that was specially FOR that, something unlike a tracing wheel (for you sewing types out that).

Speaking of Greenlee, as usual, she is being a totally unrealistic bitch. She won't cooperate with ANYTHING. Her bloodwork shows she's not ready for surgery, but she insists. It's like the next DAY after surgery (if that) and she's demanding that they check to see if she has any feeling in her feet, despite being told that the nerve pathways have to grow back and HEAL. She gives no thought whatsoever to whether or not her impatience might UNDO whatever good was done by the surgery.

Robin "she's an ungrateful little bitch" Coutellier

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

BC - Fri, 1/8/10

Why does Liza always do something stupid like falling asleep on the couch the night before a big court date?

And Ryan, the loving father. He spends what could be his last night with his daughter within his custody, the last night before the big court date, with his daughter spending the night at a friend's house and him spending the night in Erica's bed. And did it not occur to him how often Annie has manipulated Emma and how she would sneak around to get to her? Annie could EASILY have gotten to Emma while Emma was spending the night at a friend's house! Hell, Annie can easily get to Emma in Emma's own BEDROOM, but at least if Ryan were there he could have taken at least MINIMAL precautions! If nothing else, how about he and Liza spend a little time PREPARING for the case? Or just HE prepares for what he's going to say? Silly me -- NO ONE prepares for court in Pine Valley.

Why didn't they just have Opal say what was on ALL our minds when she "sensed a masculine presence" in Erica's rooms and especially coming from the bed? She was smelling EAU DE SEX! You don't need ESP to figure THAT out, just a working NOSE!

I was really hoping that when Colby turned around after showing Annie her innocent little schoolgirl jumper outfit that we would see that the jumper was assless and Colby was wearing nothing but a thong under it, because her little act was so transparent.

Here's the big stumper about Colby and the clothes she was going to wear to the courtroom: WTF was Colby planning to go at ALL? If she hates Annie, what's the point? For that matter, why were Scott, Erica, etc., in court at ALL? Aren't custody hearings generally closed to the public? I could see how MAYBE Scott and Colby might have to testify as far as them both living at the mansion, but that was never an issue in the first place. Erica has NOTHING to do with Emma's custody unless it's somehow intertwined with the fact that she sometimes stays with her GRANDCHILDREN, one of whom is Emma's brother.

Is giving angst-ridden testimony about how much ANNIE needs EMMA really the best approach for Annie? Ryan's testimony was about what was best for EMMA. Annie's testimony was all about ANNIE.

Robin "ME-ME-ME-ME-ME-ME-ME-ME-ME-ME-ME-ME" Coutellier

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

BC - Tue, 1/5/10

I thought Kendall and Zach left town -- so how are they being interviewed by Hayley?

When Opal talked about "my Jenny", did anyone else think she sounded like Forrest Gump?

Brooke says: "Of COURSE I'd come back, but wouldn't somebody have to warn Erica first?" Come back? They never said she ever left in the first place! She simply stopped existing!

Robin "that was a VERY lame anniversary show -- hardly worth commenting on" Coutellier

BC - Mon, 1/4/10

That is one BUTT UGLY dress to wear to renew one's vows. Annie has so many PRETTY dresses, so why did she choose THAT? To make her look bad and not as "shiny" compared to Hayley?

David tells Greenlee he's NOT a heartless bastard for not telling anyone that she was really alive. Yes, David you ARE a heartless bastard, on SO many levels. You're a SEXY heartless bastard, but a heartless bastard, nonetheless.

Then David drives home the point that he SAVED HER LIFE. Way to make it all about YOU, David!

Yak, yak, yak, yak, yak! Even if they DON'T like Annie, all that yakking Hayley and Scott were doing during the vows was just plain RUDE.

Why would Madison burn all the evidence she has to blackmail her father. She doesn't think she might need it for future dealings with him? For that matter, what about all the people he's obviously screwed over? Isn't there evidence of THAT in the files?

Adam tells Hayley that Annie is the embodiment of what it means to be Pine Valley. Okay, I'd agree with that. She's psychotic, vindictive, scheming, homicidal, superficial, smug, falls unconscious easily, rebounds easily, tries to kill and/or maim other people (and sometimes SUCCEEDS), uses children as pawns, kidnaps people (especially her daughter) at the drop of a dime. Yup, she DOES embody what it means to be Pine Valley.

Robin "why would Hayley land a helicopter on her dad's lawn without calling first? Doesn't she have a cellphone?" Coutellier

Monday, January 4, 2010

BC - Wed, 12/30/09

More MOON crap? I thought we were RID of Chuck Pratt and his crappy plots and stupid moonbeams.

Did Liza take the train to Gloucester? A plane? Why are she and Tad driving back to Pine Valley together when he had to call her up to bail him out and HE drove up there? Maybe she rented a car. Maybe they both rented cars and returned one. But if they both already have cars, why would they rent one or two of them, especially if they were both in such a hurry to GET to Gloucester?

I see that David has a machine that goes BING!

When Emma pointed out the moon and said it was bigger than before and it was like they could touch it, did anyone else think of the movie "Bruce Almighty" and how he dragged the moon closer to the earth for a more romantic evening, causing worldwide flooding, etc., because it affected the tides and (maybe) caused earthquakes? That's sounds like something Ryan and/or Greenlee would do with nary a thought to what it does to everyone else in the world.

Robin "you want an oceanfront cottage in Kansas? No problem my spritely Green Butterfly" Coutellier

BC - Mon, 12/28/09

It's a sad day, indeed when AMC dispenses with so many characters like used tissue because the AMC production crew is moving to California. It's even worse that they are getting rid of Ruth and Joe! They are CORE characters. The show was BUILT around them! Now the only person left on the show from the original days now will be Susan Lucci. That's not to say that Ray MacDonnell and Lee Meriwether (aka CatRuth) don't WANT to retire, necessarily, but it's sad just the same.

David should be smart enough to know that someone in a coma MIGHT actually be able to HEAR people talking. But nooooo, there he sits, going on and on about how Kendall and Ryan forgot all about her and hooked up before she was even cold in her presumed grave. It's TRUE, but Greenlee doesn't need to know that just yet.

David talks to Nurse Gayle about the past (so everyone can catch up, because Nurse Gayle should have already known all this stuff), and David goes on to tell how he found Greenlee, all washed up in her wedding dress. Then he says: "And I made a promise to her right then and there that I would do everything in my power to heal her. When she came to, I'd let her know how she'd been betrayed." So let me get this straight: David saved Greenlee for the sole purpose of telling her how horribly she had been betrayed by the man she loves and her best friend? Man, THAT is COLD!

Ruth STILL hasn't met eBabe? Where the hell has SHE been?

Zach tells Kendall that Erica keeps talking about "that night that we got stuck in the snow." Hello? It was LAST NIGHT, you time-challenged IDIOT! You woke up in the car on Christmas day. It IS Christmas day -- you came home in time to spend it with the children!

Why would Tad joke about Krystal burning down the house? She almost DID burn down the house while under the influence of drugs and David. I think it's a little soon to JOKE about it.

Robin "remember the time you betrayed me with my worst enemy? Ah, good times!" Coutellier