Thursday, January 28, 2010

BC - Wed, 1/20/10

Tad and Liza decide it would be a good idea to go to his house to continue their date. Really? With his ex-wife AND children there he thinks it's a good idea to bring Liza there for sex? All things considered BOTH of them could easily afford a hotel room for that and avoid complications. But what am I saying? This is a soap. There IS no soap without "complications".

David should REALLY know better than not to wear a mouthguard (a helmet and a protective cup would not be unwarranted, either) when he makes his little visits to ANY member of the Martin clan.

How would the cops know the code to the alarm at David's house?

Tad asks Krystal to go find Amanda and tell her that Jake is there and that everything will be all right. "Go FIND Amanda"? How about just CALL her? She's frantic about Jake's whereabouts, after all.

Why does Tad think that Jake wants to use the threat of a trial to drive David out of Pine Valley? David doesn't DO shame. He does ANGER.

I just now realized that eBabe is taller than JAR.

Don't people in PV find it unsettling that the police keep meeting up and hanging out at a BAR? They should utilize the BJ's set or create a new one. ConFusion may serve food, but it is first and foremost a BAR. There's an empty martini glass and a nearly empty glass of some unidentified liquid sitting at the corner of the bar where the police are congregating. The bartender is taking OTHER glasses away, but not them. If I were there in the bar, I would deduce that the cops had been drinking.

Robin "not that I would hang out at ConFusion in the first place" Coutellier

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