Friday, January 29, 2010

BC - Thu-Fri, 1/21-22/10

Oh please -- who drops their clothes on the floor as they come off with the clothes in the shape of a person? First there's Ryan's shirt, then his pants, then his socks, all lined up the way they would be ON him (okay, so the shirt was twisted somewhat).

I had to bust out laughing when Liza started stripping for Tad. It's probably already been mentioned, but it cracked me up because of the animation on Youtube that was done after Liza came to town and had sex with Zach on a gaming table at the casino. I THOUGHT that was a Pratt Falls episode, but it might have been a different, similar spoof. I find it hard to believe that that little stripping dance done in the animation wasn't at least partly an inspiration for THIS scene, especially since Liza got stuck in her blouse and couldn't get her hands out of the ends of the sleeves.

I loved the look on Erica's face when Opal told her that she's keeping her feelings all bottled up like a can of GRANNY'S PRESERVES! What was even funnier was that Susan Lucci couldn't quite make the face she WANTED to make because ... well ... Granny IS preserved.

Ryan tells Madison that they started Fusion by experimenting with lipgloss in the kitchen. Get your facts straight, Ryan/writers -- they were experimenting by making LIPSTICK.

I LOVED it when Tad went into the hallway and Liza asked him what took him so long. He said: "Well, I'm a little slow, all right? My BRAIN is engorged." ROTFLMAO! We all know which brain HE was talking about!

Robin "I'm enjoying their sexy silliness, though" Coutellier

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