Monday, January 4, 2010

BC - Wed, 12/30/09

More MOON crap? I thought we were RID of Chuck Pratt and his crappy plots and stupid moonbeams.

Did Liza take the train to Gloucester? A plane? Why are she and Tad driving back to Pine Valley together when he had to call her up to bail him out and HE drove up there? Maybe she rented a car. Maybe they both rented cars and returned one. But if they both already have cars, why would they rent one or two of them, especially if they were both in such a hurry to GET to Gloucester?

I see that David has a machine that goes BING!

When Emma pointed out the moon and said it was bigger than before and it was like they could touch it, did anyone else think of the movie "Bruce Almighty" and how he dragged the moon closer to the earth for a more romantic evening, causing worldwide flooding, etc., because it affected the tides and (maybe) caused earthquakes? That's sounds like something Ryan and/or Greenlee would do with nary a thought to what it does to everyone else in the world.

Robin "you want an oceanfront cottage in Kansas? No problem my spritely Green Butterfly" Coutellier

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