Monday, January 25, 2010

BC - Mon, 1/18/10

This INSTANT redeeming of Madison is a little hard to swallow. Oh, I buy that she's TRYING to change, but people do not change like that overnight. I also find it annoying that AMC fell back on the tried and true method of redemption by violence towards a woman, be it rape, beating, attempted murder or all three. Yes, Madison WAS starting to see the light before it came out that her father was beating her, but he was beating her all along, we just didn't KNOW about it.

I cracked up when Erica earnestly told Ryan that women wipe their makeup off at the end of the day and just wash it down the sink. OH PUH-LEEZE! Have we EVER seen Erica take her makeup off? Have we ever seen ANY woman on a soap take her makeup off to go to bed? No, the only time they do that is when somone is near DEATH after surgery, and even then, they often look more than a little made up. Greenlee's been wearing full makeup and she's been in a COMA for almost a YEAR! Skye looked FABULOUS while in a coma. The one she was in when she first came back to town via Dr. Kinder, that is. She's been in other comas.

Jake had some nerve telling JAR how nasty he was to Amanda when Amanda tried to get him to think the baby was his! Excuse me? This from the man was nasty to her and who called her a whore for no reason WHATSOEVER after he dumped her for Taylor? STFU, Jake! I can accept this great love he and Amanda have for each other now, but they shouldn't pretend that Jake was always a good guy with her because he WASN'T.

Robin "fans have LONG memories" Coutellier

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