Monday, January 18, 2010

BC - Mon-Thu, 1/11-14/10

Who's been dying Greenlee's hair while she was in a coma? It's considerably darker than it was before. Maybe we can chalk it up to the effects of the coma.

I'm pretty sure that when you are put under general anesthesia you do NOT dream. I know *I* never did. One second you're counting backwards and the next it's LIGHTS OUT. Makeup on the patient is usually considered taboo in surgery, too.

It's 8:30 am and Amanda and Jake are still asleep? Now you KNOW it's a soap, because there's no WAY Trevor slept that long. NO. WAY.

It always cracked me up that Fusion has posters of the main players on their walls all the time, but it PARTICULARLY cracks me up that they are now ALL of Erica. Not only that, but they are all the SAME poster of Erica. It's like she's Saddam Hussein or something, requiring monuments and images in her likeness everywhere she turns -- or ELSE. Do you think that if Randi gets pissed off enough about not being made Erica's assistant assistant she'll take off a stiletto heel and hammer on one of the posters with it?

To check to see if Greenlee feels anything after the surgery, David sticks a SAFETY PIN into her foot (not puncturing, but enough to hurt a feeling person). What, he doesn't have any sharp medical instrument he could use? Given the type of surgery she had, you would think they would have something there that was specially FOR that, something unlike a tracing wheel (for you sewing types out that).

Speaking of Greenlee, as usual, she is being a totally unrealistic bitch. She won't cooperate with ANYTHING. Her bloodwork shows she's not ready for surgery, but she insists. It's like the next DAY after surgery (if that) and she's demanding that they check to see if she has any feeling in her feet, despite being told that the nerve pathways have to grow back and HEAL. She gives no thought whatsoever to whether or not her impatience might UNDO whatever good was done by the surgery.

Robin "she's an ungrateful little bitch" Coutellier

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