Thursday, January 28, 2010

BC - Tue, 1/19/10

When the show opened and Erica busied herself bending over some files, Ryan walked behind her and admired her ass. How many of you said: "OMG, he's going to butt-f**k her? Too far? Come on, you KNOW some of you were thinking EXACTLY that ;-)

Are we ever going to see Dr. Bender? He's paged CONSTANTLY at PVH.

If Ryan wants "no games", neither Erica NOR Greenlee is the woman for him.

eBabe asks David WHY he lied about being sick and dying. He gives some reasons, but then says that the reasons don't really matter -- what matters is that he lied to her. I beg to differ -- reasons as to why he lied matter a LOT. If he lied to PROTECT eBabe from something, for instance, that might be forgivable. If he lied so he could go away and stop being such an asshole to everyone he meets, that might be forgivable. But he lied in order to trick a woman into doing all KINDS of things, binding her to him and keeping her from the man she TRULY loves, and to keep a baby that the KNEW was not his. THAT is not forgivable.

In this case, I think Jake punching David out was ENTIRELY justified.

Robin "too bad he missed his nuts, although he TRIED" Coutellier

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