Monday, March 30, 2009

BC - Mon, 3/30/09

Line Of The Day:
Erica to Ryan: "I ought to SMACK the 'smug' right off your face!" DO IT, DO IT, DO IT!!!

Krystal is having painful and dizzying after-effects from her head wound, yet after falling to the ground when David shakes her in a fury, she goes to a bar and orders drinks. She's not too bright, is she? Whatever happened to the days when people would offer a cup of tea for comfort?

Doesn't Kendall have to take anti-rejection drugs for the rest rest of her life for her heart transplant? Is drinking allowed while taking those drugs?

Robin "I'm not going all Carrie Nation, but common sense would be nice" Coutellier

BC - Mon, 3/30/09

Line Of The Day:
Erica to Ryan: "I ought to SMACK the 'smug' right off your face!" DO IT, DO IT, DO IT!!!

Krystal is having painful and dizzying after-effects from her head wound, yet after falling to the ground when David shakes her in a fury, she goes to a bar and orders drinks. She's not too bright, is she? Whatever happened to the days when people would offer a cup of tea for comfort?

Doesn't Kendall have to take anti-rejection drugs for the rest rest of her life for her heart transplant? Is drinking allowed while taking those drugs?

Robin "I'm not going all Carrie Nation, but common sense would be nice" Coutellier

BC - Fri, 3/27/09

Why is Krystal wearing something that's the same color as what she wore the day before? Did the wardrobe dept. get a good deal on olive-drab fabric if they bought it by the bolt? Actually, it's kind of a cross between olive-drab and gray. I might have missed the gray aspect if it weren't for the fact that they were doing a close-up of her and I realized her dress color matched the stone wall at Wildwind.

And speaking of the next day, why didn't David pull any more machinations overnight? That's SOOOO unlike him!

Since JAR got out of jail, why couldn't HE contact Adam instead of being dependent upon Erica for that? He could have obtained a pay-per-use phone on the way home from jail if he didn't want the call to be tracked. This whole thing of Adam being out of the picture, even for health reasons, just clangs with falseness. I don't mean falseness like there's something else going on in the storyline, but falseness in that NONE of them are acting in character as far as that goes. I'm assuming DC has been on vacation or otherwise engaged for a while. OTOH, the way they are acting, I'm wondering if they are phasing him out.

Angie says Frankie and Randi just got married a few days ago. Uh, didn't they just get married YESTERDAY?

Why is David allowed to stand up in court and interrupt what JAR is saying? Neither the judge nor his lawyer stop him, nor does JAR's lawyer object. The judge FINALLY says something, but only after David gives what amounts to a SPEECH.

Now I'm watching Kendall talk to Ryan. She's wearing a blouse that kind of blends in with the brick/stone facade behind her on our right. Is this Dress-To-Match-Your-Walls Day in Pine Valley?

Seriously, quite a few characters are acting like they are saying lines, but have no idea what is behind the lines. It's like they are just spouting words to hear themselves talk and woodenly walking through their scenes. It seems like David is the only person who is showing any emotions.

Robin "am I the only one getting that kind of vibe?" Coutellier

BC - Thu, 3/26/09

With what just happened to Natasha Richardson, it's kind of interesting timing that Krystal has a head injury and David is insisting that she leave the hospital anyway. The fact that they are making a big deal out of it and Krystal says her head still hurts must mean something WILL happen in that regard. Then again, maybe they'll just drop it.

I LOVED it when Zach told Ryan: "I don't know what Aidan says half the time." LOL!

Where did Ryan get the money to take over Cambias Industries?

Why is Kendall leaving town when Fusion has been so neglected and is in the toilet? And she was upset because the staff was away at a seminar for a few hours?

WHY did Erica go over to tell David and Krystal that JAR was out of jail and the judge has been replaced??? Other than to gloat and put him in his place, what possible purpose did it serve? It would have been SOOOO much better for he and Krystal to show up at the hearing and be surprised, with no room to maneuver. Now they have all night to do something about it.

Robin "so is Emma still showing the neighbor little Manson, the caged cat?" Coutellier

Thursday, March 26, 2009

BC - Wed, 3/25/09

Kendall wakes up Ryan's bed and yammers on about their problems while Ryan lies there wishing she would shut up and leave. He's feeling bad for having sex with Kendall when he's still mourning for Greenlee. He SHOULD! Jesus, he's had sex in that bed with Kendall, then Greenlee, then Annie, then Greenlee, and then back to Kendall. I wonder if he's even changed the sheets yet.

Did you notice that almost EVERYONE stumbled over their lines today? I wonder what was going on.

Boy was that ever a fake kitten sound coming from the box! It was definitely a PERSON making kitten noises. Sheesh, you KNOW the economy is bad when they don't have enough money in the budget to spring for some kitten mewing sound effects that probably come on a CD with a few thousand other sound effects for $9.99.

Jesse arranged for he and Angie to take Little Adam in temporarily. Oh yeah, no bias THERE.

And how weird was it that Barry Shire, who went over to David's house to draw up papers to wrest custody of Little Adam from the Chandlers to David, went to the PVPD to spring Colby for bonking Krystal on the head so that Krystal couldn't stop JAR from taking off with Little Adam? Oh yeah, no bias THERE.

Greenlee "died" in the water. I wonder if she REALLY wants her ashes scattered in the water.

Ryan explains to Emma that Mittens and Greenlee are both still in Heaven and that's where they both have to stay. What he does NOT explain is why he put the lid back on the cardboard box and is still holding the terrified kitten prisoner in it. Then he sends Emma to take the kitten (still tightly encased in a cardboard box) to the neighbor so they can all ooh and ah over it (probably without ever taking it out of the box). So far, he's having Emma play hooky from school so they can spend a special day together and he's gone out IMMEDIATELY after she came home after spending the night with Corrina, then come home and sent her out again. Okay, so Zach is there and she probably shouldn't hear what they are going to say, but DAMN he's a lousy father! Does Ryan even know Emma's middle name?

Robin "they should name the kitten 'Manson', because he's never going to get out of his cage" Coutellier

BC - Tue, 3/24/09

I see Amanda and Jake are continuing to blabber at every possible opportunity about their super, super, SUPER-SECRET plans. What better place to talk about it than the ONE place David is almost SURE to be, lurking around every corner?

Frankie and Randi get married. That's nice. Not INTERESTING, but nice.

Are we REALLY supposed to be rooting for the true love of Kendall and Ryan? I mean REALLY? WTF are the writers smokin' that they think the majority of fans would go along with that?

The writers like to portray women as always following their hearts or their passions. Why can't they show them following their BRAINS once in a while?

Robin "Kendall needs to find a 12-step grief-sex support group" Coutellier

Monday, March 23, 2009

BC - Mon, 3/23/09

Ugh! What is Krystal wearing? It looks like it ASPIRES to be a prison uniform!

Kendall walks into Fusion, sees only Ryan and asks where the hell everyone is. He tells her they are all at an off-site productivity workshop. BWAHAHAHAHAAA! While they certainly NEED such a thing, no one is ever there, ANYWAY. Amanda doesn't work there anymore, Babe is dead, Greenlee is (ostensibly) dead, Randi is playing slap & tickle with Frankie (interrupted by Angie, wanting to plan the wedding), Erica is at the PVPD and who knows where Petey is. Maybe HE is at the workshop. Except for the fact that Kendall and Ryan even bothered to show up, it's pretty much business as usual.

Is it my imagination or has Alicia Minshew actually GAINED 2-3 lbs (and I mean that literally)?

Angie apologizes to Frankie and Randi for coming over at a bad time. Gee, what was the clue? Was it, perhaps the fact that were half naked and obviously feeling frisky? What, she's never heard of a telephone? I notice she didn't bother to leave and offer to come back at a better time.

Did the face of the woman working at Zach's casino remind anyone else of a cross between Liz Vassey (Emily Ann) and Eva LaRue (Maria)?

Ryan indignantly tells Erica that her son-in-law is a walking black hole. EXCUSE ME??? Talk about the pot calling a kettle black! Zach has a LONG way to go to get even CLOSE to the black, sucking, infinite vortex that is RYAN!

Why is David blackmailing a JUDGE to bring charges against Adam Chandler? Judges don't BRING charges -- they sign search warrants and can order arrests warrants for people who do not appear in court at the scheduled time, they officiate in court, they impose sentences and sometimes they even decide guilt or innocence, but they don't BRING charges against people.

Robin "not that it will stop THIS judge from doing so anyway" Coutellier

BC - Fri, 3/20/09

Why is Reese being such a big baby? She's supposed to be so strong and capable and logical and instead of answering Angie and telling her where it hurts (she's used to reading blueprints, after all), she acts like she's three years old just keeps telling them to make it stop.

Another reason to think that Tori might be Annie's imaginary friend: Her name. The name Tori is very close to the word Story, and we all know how much Annie likes to invent stories. Think of all the princess stories she's written for herself and Emma and the nauseating storybook themes Ryan used to impress her because of it. She's Annie's S-Tori.

Here we go again with David going along with the police to enforce his agenda, this time to question Erica about the whereabouts of Little Adam. Bogus, bogus, bogus!

Robin "he might show up at a murder scene, too, but if he does, it will probably be in the role of a corpse" Coutellier

Friday, March 20, 2009

BC - Thu, 3/19/09

When Kendall walked behind Jack and put her hands on his shoulders to console him over Greenlee's death, how many of you wondered if she was going to have grief sex with HIM, too? Come on, I KNOW I wasn't the only one who had that flash through their minds

Jack said something about the deed to Greenlee's apt that he gave her. Huh? Greenlee bought that apt WAAAY before she ever knew Jack was her father. Did he pay it off and then present her with the deed?

How is it that JAR can keep a scowl on his face even when he's unconscious?

When Kendall said "My best friend is GONE!", was I the only one who, at first, heard her say "My bedspread is GONE!"? Shades of All My Luggage If I actually WATCH her say it, it's clear, but if I look away when she says it (reproducible), it sounds like bedspread. The whole bedspread thing and her angst over losing it might have something to do with her bad habit of having extra-marital sex whenever both parties are grief-stricken. Perhaps she should speak to Lysistrata Schwartz about it.

I think Tori is a figment of Annie's imagination, just like Annie having sex with Aidan in her room. Either that or she's a reporter.

Robin "Quick, Annie! Wish Aidan into the cornfield!" Coutellier

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

BC - Wed, 3/18/09

Ho hum. Another day, another bout of grief sex. Alicia Minshew probably said "Oh, for God's sake, not AGAIN!" when she saw the script. Did Kendall even call the nanny and let her know she wouldn't be home all night? Where was Emma? How many woman is Emma going to wake up to finding in Daddy's bed, at the breakfast table, or worse, in front of the fireplace? Hmmm, they actually DID go to bed instead of on the floor in front of the fireplace. Maybe that was a concession to Kendall's recent coma and surgery (not to mention her bony body).

Uh, since when is a person who wants custody allowed to be in the other person's house when a search warrant it being carried out? It's not like the child is THERE at the moment, so David should NOT have been included in ANY way. If nothing else he could have PLANTED something to be found by the police. Then Jesse and his crew go off to do the search and leave JAR and David together in the foyer. Oh yeah, THAT'S a good idea. TOTALLY bogus! AFAIC, if anything "bad" were to happen in that foyer while those two are there, the PVPD could be sued for bringing David into the house and leaving him unescorted.

I thought Amanda and Jake were going to make very, VERY sure that there would be NO WAY anyone would find out her secret THIS time -- so why are they yakking about it in a house that is brimming over with people?

Did Aidan just tell Zach "I have an update on Wyan"? Who is he now, Elmer Fudd?

How can JAR not answering the phone be obstruction? I mean, if the law REALLY wants to know if Adam was the one calling, they have to go through LEGAL channels and get a court order to get the phone tapped. Jesse ordering him to answer it or he'll be charged with obstruction was LAUGHABLE.

Why is "Greenlee's body" at PVH? Wasn't she found up in the water near Connecticut? Kendall says the body was in the river. She wasn't listening, was she?

Kendall was in the hospital corridor with Ryan, Zach and Aidan. She's had sex with all three of them, and grief sex, while still married to Zach, with the other two. This has such an ICK FACTOR written all over it! Okay, so Ryan missed the gathering by seconds, but still ...

Even after EVERYTHING that has happened, there are STILL decanters in the Chandler living room. WTF??? If they REALLY want to retain custody of Little Adam (not to mention help keep JAR sober), you'd think the FIRST thing they would do is get rid of the booze -- the FIRST thing!

Oh look, there's David lurking around and planting something NOW. Well, he's probably spiking the contents of the decanters, but that's STILL planting something.

Robin "RIP Natasha Richardson" Coutellier

BC - Tue, 3/17/09

Did I hear that right? Do we FINALLY know the reason why Aidan has been SOOOO interested in Annie? Zach said: "Take Ryan down, THEN we'll deal with Annie." Well, I guess that's not REALLY a reason. Zach may be setting things up to help her or he may be setting things up to hurt her, or maybe he could care less about that situation except that Aidan is going to help him take Ryan down and wants Zach to help with Annie (one way or the other) in return.

As much as I like Petey, he seems kind of amoral. He'll help Adam bring down Babe's perfume by physically hurting people, he lets Opal have a bad reaction (yeah, he feels bad about it, but not enough to come clean so that she even KNOWS she drank something that is CLEARLY causing an allergic reaction), nor does he come clean when Greenlee has a reaction to it. Then he sides with Aidan to take down Ryan simply because Aidan paid him some money so he can take Colby on dates now that he has become poor. He's pretty wishy-washy. As lovable, funny and endearing as Petey is, how are we supposed to view his lack of values? He WAS a conniving little kid during the Nanny Kendall days, so it's not necessarily out-of-character, especially since we haven't really seen much of him over the years to even figure out WHAT kind of character he has.

Frankly, I was thinking they would eventually debut the adult Petey as a super-conniving (not to mention very smart) adult who DELIBERATELY caused a lot of havoc, just for fun and to get his own way. OR they could have debuted him as someone who outgrew that. The very nerdy young man who seems to take his cues from older adult men in his life (and from Colby), who cares about people one minute but not the next doesn't really gel ... with anything. You just KNOW he'll team up with David at some point to concoct some potion or other. As I said, he's seems very likeable. Maybe he's a conscienceless sociopath and the next serial killer to hit the canvas. His obsession with Colby could be just that -- an obsession.

Annnnnndddd ... here comes the grief sex. Again. And you KNOW that's not even Greenlee that was in the morgue. How do we know that? Because it's a soap and they aren't going to wait for results. Even if Ryan HAD looked under the cover, the body would have been WAAAY too bloated and decomposed to have been Greenlee. Given the competence of pretty much ANY given "professional" on the show, I wouldn't be surprised if the corpse was a MAN and the staff didn't notice because of all the decomp, hungry fishies, etc.

Robin "are we going to be re-subjected to Kendall whipping out a pregnancy test box at every conceivable moment -- again?" Coutellier

Monday, March 16, 2009

BC - Mon, 3/16/09

Randi tells Frankie that if he goes to Iraq, they are OVER. Frankie says they are not over, they're SOLID. Excuse me? They may or may not be over, but they sure as hell are NOT solid if she's ready to call it quits over him going (as if he has a choice). I don't blame her for being royally pissed off that he didn't TELL her that he's shipping out in a month, though.

David has been convicted of crimes and it is well-known that he drugged an entire boatload of people. Krystal has been convicted of crimes and just lost custody of her infant daughter. I think Adam has been convicted of crimes, too. He's also spent time in the loony bin. So far, JAR is the only one who HASN'T been convicted (although he certainly SHOULD have been at least CHARGED with multiple crimes); in any case, it is well-known that he is an alcoholic who has repeatedly fallen off the wagon. I think he also lost custody of Little Adam (as did Babe) at one point when they were fighting for custody. If I were David, I would worry more that Little Adam would be taken away from JAR and Adam and put into the foster care system, because, upon close inspection, NONE of the players in this scenario are fit guardians of a child.

Robin "not that that ever stopped a PV judge" Coutellier

BC - Fri, 3/13/09

Amanda gave a deposition. She can recant and, in court, SAY that David was blackmailing her. Whether they believe her or not, she will have lied about one or the other, so her testimony should be moot. Of course, he might then be able to use THAT against her, although I don't see how it would show she is an unfit parent. Well, okay, the part about deliberately trying to get JAR drunk might not help matters.

Did I miss something? Where's Jenny, sleepover camp? She's not with Tad or Opal or Krystal, so where was she when the fire broke out, playing with matches in the library?

Opal's medical emergency is over (and completely unexplained). Just like everyone else, she seems to have no after-effects from the fire whatsoever except maybe looking kind of tired. She PASSED OUT from smoke inhalation, yet her voice is just fine.

How are all those pictures of Emma stuck on the bulletin board over her bed?

Assuming that Aidan really DID visit Annie (although I'm still leaning toward it being a hallucination on Annie's part), either a) they did not use protection during sex, b) he used condoms and tossed them in the trash for the staff to find, or c, he stuffed the used condoms into his pockets. It's kind of hard to say which scenario is the worst to contemplate.

So what is Ryan up to? Is he maybe trying to ruin Fusion because Kendall was behind the wheel of the car when Greenlee was killed?

Robin "now THAT I can understand" Coutellier

BC - Thu, 3/12/09

I don't buy this Annie/Aidan lovefest at ALL. Okay, maybe on Annie's part, but Aidan sounds ridiculous and saccharine. PLEASE tell me that it's all in Annie's mind!

Kendall grouses with Ryan over the stupidity of the institution of marriage and then says that at least THEY were smart enough not to have gone through with it. EXCUSE ME? They didn't go through with it because Ryan spitefully married Greenlee (in a marriage of convenience, initially) so that Greenlee could still work at Fusion (or was it Cambias? Whatever). There was no "WE" in that decision other than Ryan being a big wee-wee.

There are photos of Babe in David's living room. Why aren't there any photos of David's little baby Leora?

Why is Frankie doing something as personal as an ultrasound in a room the the doors wide open to the hallway?

Why is BARRY SHIRE a lawyer for David in the custody suit over Little Adam? He's ADAM'S lawyer and has been for at least 20 years! Talk about a conlfict of interest!

Why isn't Taylor showing even the tiniest effects of smoke such as smudged cheeks or clothes? For that matter, neither is anyone else, even though Brot was pretty soot-covered when he carried Opal out. I can see where they might have had time to clean up, but everyone was pretty much SPOTLESS. Aions, Bad-Doctoring, nd not ONE of them (except Opal) is showing the SLIGHTEST physical effect from all that smoke. They should ALL be quite hoarse and coughing.

Robin "will we ever find out what caused the fire?" Coutellier

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

BC - Tue-Wed, 3/10-11/09

Why would JAR check into PVH? To detox? He's not acutely drunk or even a LITTLE drunk at the moment, so why take up a hospital bed? He should be at a rehab facility, not PVH. Oh, he's there to have his blood checked to prove there is no alcohol in his system and to talk to a shrink. AGAIN, *WHY* is he taking up a perfectly good BED to do that?

The "grown-ups" in PV sure can be babies when it comes to medical care! They're always lashing out at their doctors. If I were a doctor and they weren't in dire need of immediate care, I'd tell them to get another doctor. Who needs THAT kind of shit from ADULTS?


Tad he said that he NEVER kept Krystal from seeing Jenny. BULLSHIT! He ABSOLUTELY kept her from seeing Jenny! He changed his mind after a while, but he REFUSED to let her see her.

I don't blame Krystal for whacking Tad with a vase or whatever it was she hit him upside the head with! Who the FUCK does he think he his going all caveman on her and trying to forcibly drag her out of there? That's unquestionably a self-defense move on HER part!

Robin "he was basically KIDNAPPING her!" Coutellier

Monday, March 9, 2009

BC - Mon, 3/9/09

How is it that so many people can just barge into Ryan's living room without ever even knocking, let alone having to deal with a lock? I'm not so sure they even deal with a doorknob. That place is as bad as the Chandler mansion!

Doesn't a person have to be missing for 7 years in order to declare them dead without a body? How can Greenlee's will already go into effect when they don't even know for sure that she's dead? Even if they HAD found her body, they couldn't POSSIBLY have a death certificate yet, which you definitely need in order to process a will.

How many times does this make whereby Ryan has inherited big bucks from someone in his short life? Most people are lucky if they inherit the silverware!

Zach feels sorry (not to mention responsible for) Reese, so he helps her to leave the hospital. Kendall, in the meantime, rushes to find Zach, having been shown the light by Erica, who told her that Zach can't rebuild the marriage all by himself. Naturally, Kendall runs into Zach helping Reese leave her hospital room. He just stares at Kendall, then guides Reese to wherever it is that they are going. Gee, is there ANYONE who didn't see THAT coming from a mile away? Anyone? [insert sound of crickets chirping]

Robin "how is that Erica managed to fly off to another country in the time it took for Kendall to find Zach?" Coutellier

Sunday, March 8, 2009

BC - Fri, 3/6/09

Ryan hesitated to take David's hand when David offered his condolences and it occurred to me that those two have a much longer history than many on the show. David blackmailed Gillian into having sex with him so that she could get money to save Ryan from something or other (loan sharks? Bail? Fleeing the law? I don't really remember it exactly). He then gleefully told Ryan about it. Sound familiar? If I were Ryan, I probably wouldn't have accepted his hand at ALL.

Why weren't Petey or Colby at the memorial? Palmer should have been there, too (he's the one who pretty much forced Kendall and Greenlee to start Fusion together, agreeing to lease them the building for $1/year, but only if they became partners (and Kendall became Petey's sometime-nanny). I'll cut Palmer some slack, though, since it would be physically hard on James Mitchell (and probably Palmer, too) to be there. She was also [cough] a mover and shaker in the cosmetics world -- shouldn't there have been reps from all the big cosmetics/fashion companies there? Zarf should have been there, too, singing a song for her. Speaking of Zarf, I've been playing a word connect (Scrabble-like) game a lot lately -- did you know that "Zarf" is an actual word? (Zarf n. A chalicelike holder for a hot coffee cup, typically made of ornamented metal, used in the Middle East.)

Why are the full decanters back at the bar in the Chandler living room? Unless they are drinking brown water, I'd say it's some kind of liquor. I thought that they disappeared when Carmen was there, both for Adam's sake and JAR's (the thought of Little Adam getting into them was apparently never a concern). Colby was having a problem for a while, too. These people NEVER learn!

While I can believe that a curious Little Adam took a sip or even a gulp of the scotch, I don't believe for a SECOND that he would voluntarily drink the entire glass (and it was a BIG glass), even if he DID want to be like his Daddy -- it doesn't exactly taste like Kool-Aid! When I was 23 I had a boyfriend who drank scotch. He really seemed to like it, so one day I asked for a sip to see what it was like, having never tasted it -- I rarely drank at all and when I did, it was usually wine. I think I actually spat it out! It was the most VILE thing I have EVER tasted!!! I thought it tasted exactly like POISON (having never imbibed liquid poison (that I know of), it was a figure of speech, but I was pretty sure that's what a can of Raid WOULD taste like)! If I had that reaction to the taste of it at the age of 23, what would a 4-yr-old's reaction to it be?

When I was about 6 we had all gone out to visit the fire station (my father was a volunteer fireman) after dinner, but the remainder of dinner was still on the table. When we got home, I spied a little bit of brown liquid in a wineglass at the head of the table where my father (who, as it turned out, was an alcoholic) had been sitting. I thought it was Coca-Cola, and was THRILLED that there was some left in the glass. I made a beeline to the table and quickly drank it, wanting to beat my brother and sister to the sweet treat (hi Sis!). I don't know WHAT it was, but I remember it tasting NOTHING like Coke and I was coughing and choking on it and felt really hot. There wasn't very much of it and I think I swallowed most of it before the taste even registered. I NEVER again blindly gulped down any unknown brown liquid after THAT experience, which is still so vivid in my mind 47 years later
. Apparently it's an acquired taste -- fortunately it's never been a taste that I'VE acquired.

Was anyone else bothered by the fact that the doctor, not having been able to budge Zach out of Reese's room, even though he was CLEARLY not wanted there, then LEFT Reese alone in the room with him? He could have just YELLED for help, but instead he left a BLIND woman alone with an ill-tempered, obstinate and very possible DANGEROUS stranger.

If Reese's eyes hurt so much, she might consider NOT crying and literally rubbing salt into the wounds and otherwise creating more trauma to the eyes, even if it DOES have a cleansing and lubricating effect. Rolling over toward her belly and keeping her head down strikes me as not such a great idea under the circumstances, either.

Robin "not that I BLAME her for crying" Coutellier

BC - Thu, 3/5/09

Well, Annie is obviously on the fast-track to healing. It won't be long before they let her out, despite the fact that she killed and tried to kill several people. It brings to mind the guy who had a psychotic break on a Greyhound bus in Canada. They decided only a few days ago that, due to his mental illness, he's not criminally responsible for the unprovoked stabbing, beheading and cannibalization of another young man on the bus. There were parts of the murdered man all over the bus and some organs (like his eyes and most of his heart, nose, part of his tongue and maybe an ear or two) were completely missing and presumably eaten. The killer is going to be institutionalized, but if he takes his meds regularly, he'll probably be fine from day to day; but you just KNOW that at some point he'll be let out because of overcrowding or budgeting or even a simple error in paperwork. Once out he will probably stop taking his meds eventually and everyone around him will be at risk. Hopefully he'll NEVER get out, but you just never know.

What happened to the armed guard that was ordered for Reese's room to keep Zach away? He/she never showed up from what I could see.

Why didn't the doctor make Zach leave the room when he came in to remove Reese's bandages? The LEAST he could have done was to ask Reese (who had JUST told Zach, in no uncertain terms, to LEAVE) if she wanted him in the room while the doctor examined her. The doctor didn't even know who Zach WAS! Do the hospital gynocologists do the same thing?

Robin "did he even NOTICE that Zach was in the room?" Coutellier

BC - Wed, 3/4/09

It was kind of a pot/kettle moment when Kendall said something to Reese about wringing her scrawny little neck. I'd say they are (forgive me) "neck and neck" in that particular category

Geez that kiss David planted on Krystal (after, in a sinister manner, saying "NOW you're MINE!") was creepy -- it wasn't so much a kiss of affection or even ownership as it was a KISS OF DEATH. I did notice that there WAS a witness to the wedding, though, which I hadn't noticed in the episode prior. The accompanying music (by AMC, not within the story) sounded downright DEMONIC and Krystal, clearly feeling like something is NOT right and walking over to one of the many rows of candles made me think of Rosemary's Baby. That wasn't a wedding -- it was a SATANIC CEREMONY!

When David walks back in and asks if Krystal is all right, she says she's just chilly. How can she possibly be chilly with all those lit candles in the room? That must be why she walked over to them although, honestly, she would have been close to candles no matter WHICH way she turned.

Okay, that's just WEIRD -- there HAD to be a deliberate Rosemary's Baby vibe to the wedding of David and Krystal considering that the next scene I see has him delivering Krystal's fantasy baby, which turns out not to be a baby so much as a THING.

If Greenlee's memorial service isn't going to be until the next day, why is Opal putting her picture all over ConFusion the night before? If the bar is open for business, that's kind of a downer and there's a good chance the photos will end up with mustaches, drinks and God knows what else on them before the next day.

Wow, JAR sobered up FAST!

Robin "he always DID have amazing recuperative powers" Coutellier

Thursday, March 5, 2009

BC - Tue, 3/3/09

When Amanda told Pete that she had one too many doctors in her face, how many of you immediately thought "it's not your FACE that they're focusing on"?

When David snuggled behind Krystal in bed and said (referring to Babe): "Our little Golden Girl -- I can feel her right now," how many of you thought that he was cupping Krystal's breast as he said that?

What was on the floor of David and Krystal's bedroom that the camera focusing on?

Krystal whines, wondering if she really IS the love of David's life. He asks how she could DOUBT that! I can think of at least a couple of reasons: Dixie and Anna. Does Krystal even KNOW about the depths of his past loves?

Krystal signs a pre-nup, which David STRONGLY urges her NOT to read since there's really no time before the ceremony. She drinks her milk and signs it like the obedient airhead that she is.

Jesus Christ, how many candles do they HAVE burning in David's living room for the wedding, about 100? You'd think they'd be CHOKING on the smoke. And don't they need to have a witness? If it's only going to be the two of them, what was the rush to do it right then and there? The pre-nup ALONE should have been cause to delay it at least a DAY.

Did Amanda report to the police that her yacht was stolen?

Robin "that was a creepy (not to mention BORING) episode" Coutellier

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

BC - Mon, 3/2/09

Krystal is so INCREDIBLY dumb! Why would she jump immediately into a marriage with David so soon after Babe's death and the end of her previous marriage (which happened at the end of her previous-previous marriage)? I can see how she might ignore EVERYONE'S warnings about David (IF that were the only issue), because people often do that, if only to show their independence (usually to their everlasting regret), but with all these things together, it makes NO SENSE. She's adrift and needs someone to look after her, so I can see that aspect, but she HAS to know that this is a bad, BAD move to make. It must be the milk.

Krystal makes her proposal acceptance conditional -- 1) he must promise not to use it to get Little Adam, and 2) no more secrets. BWAHAHAHAHAAAAA!!!! She's said that with ALL her marriages. How has THAT worked out for ya, Krystal? Of course, pretty much every couple on the show makes that vow with every one of their many partners and one or the other of them usually breaks that vow within 24 hours -- sometimes they break it within 24 MINUTES.

Why is Krystal drinking her special milk in bed? That means she fall asleep without brushing her teeth and the milk will go to work on her teeth overnight.

David keeps disappearing. I'm beginning to think the rumors about where he's going when he disappears and the reason for the mysterious phone calls might be true.

Amanda wants to do everything she can to make Babe proud of her. Well, deliberately pinning her pregnancy on the wrong guy probably WOULD make Babe very proud of her.

Robin "it's a page right out of Babe's playbook" Coutellier