Wednesday, March 18, 2009

BC - Wed, 3/18/09

Ho hum. Another day, another bout of grief sex. Alicia Minshew probably said "Oh, for God's sake, not AGAIN!" when she saw the script. Did Kendall even call the nanny and let her know she wouldn't be home all night? Where was Emma? How many woman is Emma going to wake up to finding in Daddy's bed, at the breakfast table, or worse, in front of the fireplace? Hmmm, they actually DID go to bed instead of on the floor in front of the fireplace. Maybe that was a concession to Kendall's recent coma and surgery (not to mention her bony body).

Uh, since when is a person who wants custody allowed to be in the other person's house when a search warrant it being carried out? It's not like the child is THERE at the moment, so David should NOT have been included in ANY way. If nothing else he could have PLANTED something to be found by the police. Then Jesse and his crew go off to do the search and leave JAR and David together in the foyer. Oh yeah, THAT'S a good idea. TOTALLY bogus! AFAIC, if anything "bad" were to happen in that foyer while those two are there, the PVPD could be sued for bringing David into the house and leaving him unescorted.

I thought Amanda and Jake were going to make very, VERY sure that there would be NO WAY anyone would find out her secret THIS time -- so why are they yakking about it in a house that is brimming over with people?

Did Aidan just tell Zach "I have an update on Wyan"? Who is he now, Elmer Fudd?

How can JAR not answering the phone be obstruction? I mean, if the law REALLY wants to know if Adam was the one calling, they have to go through LEGAL channels and get a court order to get the phone tapped. Jesse ordering him to answer it or he'll be charged with obstruction was LAUGHABLE.

Why is "Greenlee's body" at PVH? Wasn't she found up in the water near Connecticut? Kendall says the body was in the river. She wasn't listening, was she?

Kendall was in the hospital corridor with Ryan, Zach and Aidan. She's had sex with all three of them, and grief sex, while still married to Zach, with the other two. This has such an ICK FACTOR written all over it! Okay, so Ryan missed the gathering by seconds, but still ...

Even after EVERYTHING that has happened, there are STILL decanters in the Chandler living room. WTF??? If they REALLY want to retain custody of Little Adam (not to mention help keep JAR sober), you'd think the FIRST thing they would do is get rid of the booze -- the FIRST thing!

Oh look, there's David lurking around and planting something NOW. Well, he's probably spiking the contents of the decanters, but that's STILL planting something.

Robin "RIP Natasha Richardson" Coutellier

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