Thursday, March 5, 2009

BC - Tue, 3/3/09

When Amanda told Pete that she had one too many doctors in her face, how many of you immediately thought "it's not your FACE that they're focusing on"?

When David snuggled behind Krystal in bed and said (referring to Babe): "Our little Golden Girl -- I can feel her right now," how many of you thought that he was cupping Krystal's breast as he said that?

What was on the floor of David and Krystal's bedroom that the camera focusing on?

Krystal whines, wondering if she really IS the love of David's life. He asks how she could DOUBT that! I can think of at least a couple of reasons: Dixie and Anna. Does Krystal even KNOW about the depths of his past loves?

Krystal signs a pre-nup, which David STRONGLY urges her NOT to read since there's really no time before the ceremony. She drinks her milk and signs it like the obedient airhead that she is.

Jesus Christ, how many candles do they HAVE burning in David's living room for the wedding, about 100? You'd think they'd be CHOKING on the smoke. And don't they need to have a witness? If it's only going to be the two of them, what was the rush to do it right then and there? The pre-nup ALONE should have been cause to delay it at least a DAY.

Did Amanda report to the police that her yacht was stolen?

Robin "that was a creepy (not to mention BORING) episode" Coutellier

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