Thursday, March 26, 2009

BC - Tue, 3/24/09

I see Amanda and Jake are continuing to blabber at every possible opportunity about their super, super, SUPER-SECRET plans. What better place to talk about it than the ONE place David is almost SURE to be, lurking around every corner?

Frankie and Randi get married. That's nice. Not INTERESTING, but nice.

Are we REALLY supposed to be rooting for the true love of Kendall and Ryan? I mean REALLY? WTF are the writers smokin' that they think the majority of fans would go along with that?

The writers like to portray women as always following their hearts or their passions. Why can't they show them following their BRAINS once in a while?

Robin "Kendall needs to find a 12-step grief-sex support group" Coutellier

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