Sunday, March 8, 2009

BC - Wed, 3/4/09

It was kind of a pot/kettle moment when Kendall said something to Reese about wringing her scrawny little neck. I'd say they are (forgive me) "neck and neck" in that particular category

Geez that kiss David planted on Krystal (after, in a sinister manner, saying "NOW you're MINE!") was creepy -- it wasn't so much a kiss of affection or even ownership as it was a KISS OF DEATH. I did notice that there WAS a witness to the wedding, though, which I hadn't noticed in the episode prior. The accompanying music (by AMC, not within the story) sounded downright DEMONIC and Krystal, clearly feeling like something is NOT right and walking over to one of the many rows of candles made me think of Rosemary's Baby. That wasn't a wedding -- it was a SATANIC CEREMONY!

When David walks back in and asks if Krystal is all right, she says she's just chilly. How can she possibly be chilly with all those lit candles in the room? That must be why she walked over to them although, honestly, she would have been close to candles no matter WHICH way she turned.

Okay, that's just WEIRD -- there HAD to be a deliberate Rosemary's Baby vibe to the wedding of David and Krystal considering that the next scene I see has him delivering Krystal's fantasy baby, which turns out not to be a baby so much as a THING.

If Greenlee's memorial service isn't going to be until the next day, why is Opal putting her picture all over ConFusion the night before? If the bar is open for business, that's kind of a downer and there's a good chance the photos will end up with mustaches, drinks and God knows what else on them before the next day.

Wow, JAR sobered up FAST!

Robin "he always DID have amazing recuperative powers" Coutellier

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