Friday, March 20, 2009

BC - Thu, 3/19/09

When Kendall walked behind Jack and put her hands on his shoulders to console him over Greenlee's death, how many of you wondered if she was going to have grief sex with HIM, too? Come on, I KNOW I wasn't the only one who had that flash through their minds

Jack said something about the deed to Greenlee's apt that he gave her. Huh? Greenlee bought that apt WAAAY before she ever knew Jack was her father. Did he pay it off and then present her with the deed?

How is it that JAR can keep a scowl on his face even when he's unconscious?

When Kendall said "My best friend is GONE!", was I the only one who, at first, heard her say "My bedspread is GONE!"? Shades of All My Luggage If I actually WATCH her say it, it's clear, but if I look away when she says it (reproducible), it sounds like bedspread. The whole bedspread thing and her angst over losing it might have something to do with her bad habit of having extra-marital sex whenever both parties are grief-stricken. Perhaps she should speak to Lysistrata Schwartz about it.

I think Tori is a figment of Annie's imagination, just like Annie having sex with Aidan in her room. Either that or she's a reporter.

Robin "Quick, Annie! Wish Aidan into the cornfield!" Coutellier

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