Monday, March 16, 2009

BC - Thu, 3/12/09

I don't buy this Annie/Aidan lovefest at ALL. Okay, maybe on Annie's part, but Aidan sounds ridiculous and saccharine. PLEASE tell me that it's all in Annie's mind!

Kendall grouses with Ryan over the stupidity of the institution of marriage and then says that at least THEY were smart enough not to have gone through with it. EXCUSE ME? They didn't go through with it because Ryan spitefully married Greenlee (in a marriage of convenience, initially) so that Greenlee could still work at Fusion (or was it Cambias? Whatever). There was no "WE" in that decision other than Ryan being a big wee-wee.

There are photos of Babe in David's living room. Why aren't there any photos of David's little baby Leora?

Why is Frankie doing something as personal as an ultrasound in a room the the doors wide open to the hallway?

Why is BARRY SHIRE a lawyer for David in the custody suit over Little Adam? He's ADAM'S lawyer and has been for at least 20 years! Talk about a conlfict of interest!

Why isn't Taylor showing even the tiniest effects of smoke such as smudged cheeks or clothes? For that matter, neither is anyone else, even though Brot was pretty soot-covered when he carried Opal out. I can see where they might have had time to clean up, but everyone was pretty much SPOTLESS. Aions, Bad-Doctoring, nd not ONE of them (except Opal) is showing the SLIGHTEST physical effect from all that smoke. They should ALL be quite hoarse and coughing.

Robin "will we ever find out what caused the fire?" Coutellier

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